Short cervix question

I know that this is kind of a dumb question, as none of you are my doctor BUT I'm asking anyway because every time I ask my doctor, she gives me a beat around the bush kind of answer no matter how many different ways I ask.

So, for those who know anything about it or those who experienced a short cervix with their twins, how likely is it that I'll actually make it to 36 weeks. Or 38 weeks? I figured 38 weeks was more realistic for twin pregnancies that didn't have complications but because I already have a cervix length of 1.7 at 28 weeks I'm preparing for the girls to be here sometime in feb which is 31 to 35 weeks and my family keeps telling me that I'm rushing to get prepared because they probably won't be here until march...

Any insight ladies?
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Re: Short cervix question

  • Mine was shorter at 23 weeks and had sigificant funneling.

    I made it to 36 and delivered for severe pre-e.

    They stopped measuring my length at 32 weeks and I never had any cerivcal exams.

    I did not have vaginal P because it wasn't the standard then.

    You just never know.

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  • I think preparing is a good idea no matter what. Twin pregnancies are so unique. My cervix never measured short until I went into PTL at 28w1d and at that point I dilated to 3cm.
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  • From discussions with my MFM your cervix is dynamic meaning it can lengthen and shorten, so I am not sure there is a way to know one way or the other what will happen.

    Just to share... it is always a good idea to be prepared but I think it is good your family has the mindset of a March delivery.  My parents had their mind set on and told EVERYONE my twins would be here by Christmas... it has been tough to mentally adjust now that they've stayed put weeks longer than everyone's expectation.  I also get where you are coming from though with people not understanding the risks and likelihood of an early delivery.

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  • My cervix shortened at 27 wks and I was hosp for ptl. It was days before my baby shower. I was released to bed rest where the boys stayed put until 37w1d when I was induced. You just never know.

    Are you on bed rest and/or procardia?


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  • Bedrest and nightly progesterone suppositories. No procardia, no cerclage.
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  • I had triplets and went into preterm labor for the first time at 19 weeks, my cervix had shortened significantly at that point ( can't remember exactly) by 27 weeks I was 2 cm dilated, babies didn't come until 31 weeks. I lasted way longer then I thought I would. I think it is smart to prepare now, but don't be surprised if those babies keep cooking a long time!!
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  • I had severe shortening (.7cm) at 21.5 weeks.  I had an emergency cerclage done at the time and have been on restricted activity since.  At 28 weeks I was also put on progesterone suppositories as a precaution (to keep my uterus relaxed).  At 30 weeks, they stopped measuring my cervical length because it is common for the cervix to begin shortening after this time.  I'm 36 weeks now and have a c-section scheduled for 38w3d.  Just take it easy and follow dr.'s orders!  I'm a believer in as much pelvic rest as possible.  Keep that uterus relaxed!

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  • I don't think there is anything wrong with being prepared for a Feb. arrival.  Obviously, you would rather they arrive much later!  Do whatever makes you feel better, but obviously stay in bed ;)
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  • Thanks for all the replies and generous support!
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  • My cervix started shortening at 21w, and I went on bedrest. By 28w, it was less than 2.0. I made it to 36w4d with a combo of home and hospital bedrest. I only delivered due to rising blood pressure. If it hadn't been for that, they thought I could have held out for another week or so.
  • Mine was 1.7 (ish I can't remember exactly) at 24 weeks and I delivered at 30 weeks. My doc said he had a triplet mom that was <1 for most of her pregnancy and made it to 36 weeks. So I guess its really depends on the person. Are you having any contractions? I started with BH at 16 weeks.

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