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Talking in their sleep

Does your LO talk in their sleep. When I say "talk" I mean, obviously not words but my LO mumbles and makes such noises! 

I was a sleep talker and a sleep walker big time growing up until college.

I think my LO might take after me once he learns words and who knows about the sleep walking.

It kind of gives me comfort to hear him "talking" in his sleep

Does any of your LOs sleep talk?  

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Re: Talking in their sleep

  • DD is! I sleep talk and walk, too, so I am not surprised.
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  • My DD has been talking, well mumbling in her sleep. The first time my DH heard her he said, "oh great, of all the things she got from you."

    I have always slept talked and walked. Right after I had DD I was so afraid of sleep walking with her in my arms.
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  • DD talks in her sleep on occasion. What I've noticed more recently, in the past two weeks, is that for the whole first hour she goes down for the night she tosses and turns every few minutes. She also does this thing where she buries her head in the bed and gets on her feet and does this weird thing where she pushes her whole body forward. I have to stay with her for that hour just to keep her from banging her head into the bed. Any one else's LO toss around a lot at night?
  • YES he tosses and turns all night! We stayed in a hotel room with him in a pack n play for a family reunion and I could hardly sleep with all the noises he makes and all the thumping around he does!
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