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Baby Boy arrived (name reveal inside!)

I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions for months.  So when contractions started on my birthday 12/23 I didn't pay them any mind at first.  I just went to sleep.  4am I woke up and I KNEW it was time.

Hubster and I booked it to the L&D and sure enough I was in labor.  I was all set to do a VBAC but then the doctor said "um no...you had fibroid surgery and I don't want to take a chance."  So she tried to stop the labor since I was at 36 weeks. My labor started going quickly so she decided to section me on the spot.

At 12:24pm on 12/23 our son was born at 7lb. 1oz and was 19.25" long.  We were still undecided on a name at that point so we decided to wait a day and see what fit.  

In the end, we decided to combine our two favorite names together:

Miles Alexander (his Hebrew name is Menashe Alexander)


* I was going to post a pic but The Bump is not playing nice :( *



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