EP--Does your supply naturally increase? Also other questions...

as baby gets older?  I am pumping 8 times per day, 15-20 minutes each time.  I also nurse her before most pumping sessions, then supplement with pumped bm afterwards (then I pump).  She typically takes 3 oz per bottle, and I usually pump 3-5 oz (combined) each time I pump.  When she starts taking more milk each time, will my body produce more when I pump?  Or am I stuck at this 3-5 oz per session forever?

 I have a very cracked nipple, right at the base, on the left side.  What can I do to help this?  I put olive oil in the flange tubes so friction decreases, I use lanolin after every nursing and pumping session.  It is horribly painful.  I'm dreading nursing her on that side.  :( 

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Re: EP--Does your supply naturally increase? Also other questions...

  • Most EBF babies don't eat more than 5 oz at one time.  So if that's how much you are pumping I would say you are doing well, especially if she is only eating 3 oz.

    Try putting on lanolin before you pump.  Try to let your nips air dry after pumping to help them heal.

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  • No, but if you are making 25oz/day or more, that's about where babies intake will top off at.  To increase supply beyond that, you have to increase demand or do other measures...but 3-5oz per pump session is a normal supply.
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  • I EP and my supply maxed out around 6 months. It slowly would increase from power pumping, tea, watching caloric and water intake, etc.

    My LO drank 30+ oz consistently, maxing out at close to 40 during growth spurts.

    Around 7 months it decided to decrease and has been slowly decreasing since.

    With EP if your supply is good enough you can start dropping pumps but if not you have to stick with pumping more often

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