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grocery cart covers

Grocery cart covers?

I know they aren't a necessity, but do you recommend them?   Is there a big difference in different versions?  For $20 seems it might be worth it, but some are almost $100 and I can't figure out why.  Any that people have liked/not liked?

Seeing as how often I forget to bring my reusable bags with me to the grocery store, I wonder if it will just be one more thing to cart around and possibly forget.

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Re: grocery cart covers

  • I would never have remembered to bring mine. Besides, I would imagine holding a wiggly, squirming baby while putting the cart cover on the cart would be a pain.
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  • As PP said, they really are more pain to put on and remember to bring than they are worth.  The one exception is during teething if you have a LO who insists on chewing on the handle of every.single.cart.  Then it was nice to have.  But it's a pain because the side that touches the cart gets "germy" and then you have to figure out how to store and when to wash so you don't "infect" the whole cover when you fold it up.  I found myself using sanitizing wipes instead once we got past the incessant chewing stage. 
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  • I got a hand me down, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. When DD first started sitting in the cart, she was still learning not to bite the straps and handlebar, so we used it for a few short months. After that, it was more work than it was worth. If you get one, I'd get a cheap one.
  • I really liked having ours, we bought one from target first and hated it...then ended up with another one from target that we really like.  Here is the one we like, its only $25 cart cover  I usually would leave it in the car and just grab it when I went into the store. 

     Regardless of the one you get, geto ne that covers the front and sides of the cart.

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  • I use mine all the time and love it! I keep it in the car that way I always have it when I need it. Mine was on the more expensive side. It's thick, soft, and durable. I like it because it keeps them comfortable especially when they are new at sitting in the cart.
    Edited to add: I got mine from and it is made by Balboa Baby.
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  • I got the one from Target by Eddie Bauer.  I use it with every cart trip pretty much (every now and then it will be in my car and we will be in DH's car when out and about) and when we go to restaurants to use in the high chair.

    As a "retired" grocery store manager, I highly recommend them.  Carts are gross, even if regularly cleaned like our's were. 

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  • I looked and looked and the reviews are all over the place so I finally broke down and got a cheapo from TJMAXX.  I have only used it a couple times.  It was great when dd was just starting to ride in the cart and flopping all over the place.  Now it is a lot of effort to use. It rides in the car with me in case I ever want to use it. DD goes to daycare so she comes across tons germs there.  I know carts are nasty but good immunities are important too :)
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  • They are a hassle and I never remember to bring one.  I just wipe the cart down first and then wipe hands after we're done.
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  • I kept mine in the car and used it a lot but I am a bit of a germ-a-phob--but I am a teacher and if I didn't take precautions my household would literally be sick all. the. time.  I bought a cheapy, next time around I will get something better.  I've always been attracted to those puffy looking ones LOL.
  • I really thought this would be something that I would "need" to have, but didn't end up getting one, and honestly, haven't missed it.  I think the concern is obviously the germs all over the cart, but my DS is in full time daycare in a center, with 11 other babies, so I feel like germs are everywhere.  Honestly, the other day, I caught him sucking on the handle of the Target cart at least 6 times during our trip.  At the end of the day, I just figured the extra hassle of bringing a cart cover wasn't worth it....I probably sucked on the Target cart many times in my childhood and I survived :) 
  • Do people generally get these for germ purposes or for comfort???
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  • We bought a used floppy seat and love it. I am also a bit of a germaphobe. I just leave it in the car and park next to a cart, so I can install it before getting her out. I like that ours has loops across the front to hook toys to.
  • We have one and love it...but we usually use it for highchairs not shopping carts as our grocery store provides the wipes to wipe the carts down.  I've found plenty of disgusting high chairs though in restaurants and LOVE to be able to use my $12 (on sale at Ross) washable cover instead of having DS sit in the grossness.
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  • We have a balboa baby and loved it. I paid very little for it (I think like $10, it was missing a buckle or something on clearance). We didn't use it for long, but it was awesome for padding and propping her up in highchairs and grocery carts when she was first sitting up.

    Definitely not a must have, but not something totally useless either IMO.

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  • We have a Floppy Seat and we love it.^18678@ADL45712-adtype^PLA-adid^17784673123 ;

    It's cushioned/padded and it folds into itself for storage. It stretches enough to fit those big Costco carts. We also use it at restaurants in their high chairs. The padding came in handy when baby sort of leaned to the side at first. lol It also has loops for her toys, and a pocket for her bottle. 

    I thought I'd have an issue with bringing it around, but I leave it in the trunk so it's always with me. The trick is to install it into the cart before you take baby out of the car.  

    As far as germs, we forgot to bring it once, and used the restaurant high chair...flies started swarming around the high chair! Ewww...from then on, we have always used it.  

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