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2nd stroller to replace keyfit caddy

Our LO is almost 5 months old and has been much more alert lately. So I feel like we are ready to replace the chicco keyfit caddy for the times she is alert and wants to see what's around. We already have a BOB for trail walks and jogs, so I'd like something similar to an umbrella stroller but I'd prefer a snack tray and water holder for me with a large canopy and large basket but is light and good for getting in and out of car. I'm leaning towards the city mini regular single stroller but feel like that's just like the BOB. Ugh!!!!

What did you use as a replacement for the keyfit caddy? 


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Re: 2nd stroller to replace keyfit caddy

  • I never had the caddy, but I have three strollers. I have the BJ city mini, the BJ city select, and the Uppa Baby Vista. I like the city mini the least. I actually hate it. But I'm probably the only person on earth who does. Everybody always talks so highly of it. I love the Uppa baby vista the best. Definitely more heavy than a traditional umbrella stroller, but it is still super easy and rides and drives so nicely. I use the City Select now that I have two LO's so close in age for my double stroller. I like that you can change the seats around in a ton of different positions.
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  • We use our BOB for our everyday stroller, as well as for jogging, but I know that many people really like the Chicco Liteway stroller. 
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