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Let the torture begin...

It seems like recently my LO has been trying to seperate my ribs with his feet or hands. (I am still not sure which end is up) he has only been bothering my right rib cage though. Is anyone else getting gigged by a baby right now? 
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Re: Let the torture begin...

  • Mine loves to push her butt into my ribs and she's been doing it constantly. Although uncomfortable, I find it so incredibly cute and so it generally makes me smile.
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  • Right side of the ribs here too.  It was like that with DS and towards the end go very uncomfortable (until he dropped a little).  I actually felt like I had a constant bruise on my right side. 
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  • Yesterday was the first real day that it was just so uncomfortable to move and sleep. It feels so tight in there and my lungs feel like they have no room at all. I'm sure ill be feel more rib pains since she has been high so some time now. But I do love to feel her move in there, just wish my lungs had more room.
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  • My little guy has a couple favorite spots to torture.  Today he is kicking/poking under my ribs on the right.  When I lay on my right side, he likes to go for the middle of the left side of my belly.  And then there are the random punches/kicks/pokes to my bladder and nether regions.  I'll admit, he's getting strong, because he's hit hard enough a couple times that I winced.
  • She lovesss my right side and is so high up.  I feel like she is right under my boobs.  My new nightly adventure is feeling like I have a lump or something stuck in between my lungs.  Kind of like that lump you get before you vomit. 

    I agree with the pp who said it hurts sometimes. It is amazing how strong and big they are getting

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  • Totally. I keep joking my LO is having a disco party in my belly. Anyone know if this is a sign of how active a baby he'll be?

  • Yes! My midwife told me the phrenic nerve runs thorough the ribcage on the right, down to the diaphragm. It can feel anywhere between a bruise and bolt of lightning. So glad to hear I'm not the only one, I thought my insides were exploding!
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  • Here too!! My LO has been in my ribs for a while, it sort of feels like I have a bruise on my left side and if I'm not sitting straight up then I get the pins and needle feeling.... but it is still tolerable right now and I'm hoping I'll be ok the next9-10 weeks.
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  • It's crazy to hear that everyone is experiencing the exact same thing!  My little squirt is also kicking my right ribs, but it doesn't hurt so much as it makes me jump, like the way tapping your knee makes your leg kick. DH chuckles a little bit every time he sees me sort of spasm like that, and then he scolds the little guy to "be nice to Mommy." Weirdly, squirt DOES seem to calm down when DH talks.

    And then there's the classic treat-Mommy's-bladder-like-a-punching-bag. Joy. 

    "Can I call your baby 'Ze Munchkin,' or 'ZM' for short?" - my best friend
  • I'm carrying super low. I'm 30 weeks and baby boy has yet to reach my ribs. Any time I lay down to sleep, he grinds against my hip bones. Most uncomfortable feeling ever! But it's amazing at the same time.
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  • I did trapeze school a few years ago.  I think LO is using my ribs to practice for her first flight.
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  • image Country Girl in the City:
    I did trapeze school a few years ago.  I think LO is using my ribs to practice for her first flight.

    LOL....I have taken to calling Baby Boy my little monkey because I swear he has his little hands wrapped around the right side of my rib cage swinging from them.

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    Totally. I keep joking my LO is having a disco party in my belly. Anyone know if this is a sign of how active a baby he'll be?

    I joke around that LO is having a party for one in there -- especially on NYE while I was trying to sleep.

    According to my mom, I was a very active fetus -- the dr hadn't encountered a baby that moved as much as I did -- but a normally active child.

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