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Ariel Rose's arrival

Hello ladies!  I am so over the moon to announce that after four years, and many losses, our rainbow baby arrived safe and sound on the 2nd at 5:57pm. The 2nd of January also happens to be one of my SIL's birthday's. She has had ten years of devastating losses and infertility that we have shared together and I grew up with her in my life, so we are so much closer than in-laws. This was such an amazing twist to our story, and my SIL was the only one present for the birth with my husband and I. It was a perfect day. 

I went into labor in the evening of the 1st, but was able to sleep (though filled with some crazy dreams about giving birth from all the contractions).  I woke up at 6:00am with really steady contractions every six minutes, which quickly became fewer minutes apart and stronger. By 11:00am MIL was taking over with DD (who was starting her first day of school at a new school) and we were out the door!

I was asked if I wanted a midwife or one of three physicians on duty that day (I have Kaiser so it is not likely that your OB will attend your delivery) and I chose the midwife, which was an excellent choice for me! At 3cm, 70% effaced, consistent contractions, and this being my 2nd delivery, she admitted me. I spent the next three hours walking the halls.

Now, I will admit that after my epidural did not work during my first delivery and my DD came "naturally", I had toyed with the idea of doing this naturally, and I "failed". I am totally okay with that.  I was doing well, and then all my contractions moved to my back. I was rocking and walking my way through them, with lots of encouragement, when I had one that made me think... Nope. I'm done.

Well, it was a great decision in the long run. My midwife checked me and I was still at 3 cm, so she asked if I wanted my water broken. I was tentative but she reassured me that it was my decision, and I decided to go for it.  It was a quick hour and a half later, five quick pushes and Ariel Rose arrived! It was the most fantastic, quick, happy, and thrilling moment of our lives, for the second time. 

I will try and post a picture in a day or two.

Congrats to all the January mama's!  

Lost but never forgotten <3 : </br> 1st BFP 2/8/06 m/c @ 12 weeks; 2nd BFP 2/9/07 w/ Clomid; DD (Monica Caroline) born 11/16/07; 3rd BFP 3/25/11 w/ injections m/c @ 5 weeks; 4th BFP 8/3/11 w/ injections diagnosed blighted ovum; 5th BFP 1/20/12 m/c @ 9 weeks; 6th BFP 4/27/12 Praying for our rainbow Lilypie First Birthday tickers Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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