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Scary night last night

So I went to triage because for days now my whole pelvic area has hurt. And of course when you google that you get some pretty terrifying answers. So they hook me up to the monitors and find out I'm having contractions which i didn't even realize i was having untill they got a little stronger. So they did an fnn and ultrasound which gave me relief because he's breeched and i'm not opening up. So i was wondering..since i'm having contractions that bad and everything are they going to have to start checking my cervix at every appointment now? has anyone else had that? I just keep telling him he's got three more months and he better keep his little butt in there haha 

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Re: Scary night last night

  • Yikes! Glad that you know now! Sending "Keep Cooking Baby" vibes!
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  • Sounds like braxton hicks. A lot of ladies, myself included, have gone through this exact thing. Had to go to L&D, get checked, the whole 9. My DR. checked my cervix 2 weeks in a row after my hospital visit because my contractions were  minutes apart with cramping. I had no cervical changes whatsoever. My next appointment was made for the normal 4 weeks. If you look back through the posts, you can read up on other people's experiences. Seems as though its a normal occurrence. Good Luck!

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  • I don't know about every appointment, but I had a similar hospital experience a few weeks ago, and then at my 27 wk appt, my doc checked my cervix (still closed!).  I'm not sure if they will do this from here on out.
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  • I see the high-risk practice once per week to check my cervix length checked and receive an US.  It's a little tough to schedule it with work, but if the baby is good, than it is worth it.  With that said, my cervix has not changed, but my uterus is getting pretty irritable as time is going on.  If I am really active that day, it is very sore.

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