Babies: 6 - 9 Months

When did your LO start to......

Sit up?  (He can sit on his own, but we put him into that position....I am wondering about when he will start getting into the sitting position on his own from lying down?). 

Pulling up?


(My son isn't it doing any of these yet, but seems sooooooooooo close! So I just have it on my mind and am curious....I know every baby is different, etc.)


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Re: When did your LO start to......

  • Crawling: 6 months 5 days. That's real cross crawling.

    Getting himself sitting up: 6 months 9 days.

    Pulling up: 6 months 2 weeks.
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  • it depends not all babys are the same. but my daughter is almost 7 months and shes barely starting to crawl shes been dragging her self but she drags herself faster everyday. she stared sitting up but she still kinda has trouble balancing her head. let me tell you 2 days ago i slept in a lil and my daughter dragged herself o where i was and starts giggling cutest unexpected thing ever. just enjoy seeing your baby grow and learn things everyday
  • My lo will be 8 months later this week. He is great at sitting and has been since 5.5 months. He just started getting on all 4 yesterday. He tries to pull himself up, but can't. He can't put himself in a sitting position, but sometimes tries to do a mini crunch. I don't see him doing this for awhile.
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  • DD has been army crawling for about 2 months but has yet to do a real crawl. She gets on all 4s and hovers for a bit, but goes down to her belly when she crawls. She tries so hard to sit herself up but can't quite get there. She will pull herself up on me, but not on any furniture. So we are still working on all the mobility stuff. I thought she was ahead of the game when she started army crawling, and now I feel like she is lagging behind! We are both frustrated, it makes it hard for me to leave her alone for a second because she can't move how she wants to yet. Hopefully she will get it soon!
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  • Sit up - 4 months. He doesn't just pull himself up with his abs from laying on his back, but he rolls from back to tummy, gets on all fours, and kind of turns his body to sit up on his own.

    Crawl - 5 months 6 days

    Pulling up - 5 months

     DS just turned 7 months on the 31st and took his first step that same day. I am very excited that he's learning all of these new things, but it's also a little stressful. I miss the days when I could put him on a blanket, with some toys, and just go to the restroom.

  • Sitting up: 5.5 months
    Crawling: 8 months, 1 wee
    Pulling up: just starting to show interest and not doing it yet.
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  • If DS is lying on his back he gets in this position with his legs up, his head up, like he's working on his abs, lol. He sits like a champ but we have to put him in that position. He does not crawl. He gets up on all fours but that's it. He stands with assistance and has since about 2 months but does not pull himself up to standing. His cousin who is 2 weeks older crawls and pulls himself up but I like the fact that mine's not moving yet!
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  • sitting up 6 mon.

    sitting on his own 7 months, 2 days later crawling and pulling up at the same time.

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  • both DD and DS were sitting at 6 months

    DD crawled at 6 months, DS at 7, but he had a very long wiggle across the room phase

     DS has been pulling up for a week or 2 now, so 7 months 



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  • None of those happening here either. She can sit up if we put her there!

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  • Sit up: 7 months 1 week

    Pull up: 7 months 1 week

    Crawling: 7 months 3 weeks

    It's been a busy month for us... 

  • Mine isn't doing any of these things yet either.
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  • image smdukes:

    Sit up?  Yesterday (7.5 months)

    Pulling up? Not yet, but close.

    Crawling? yesterday (7.5 the "proper" crawl. He has been scooting awhile now)

    Baby boy born May 2012
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  • Sitting up (getting into position on own): 6 mos.

    Pulling up: 7 mos 1 week

    Crawling: 4.5 mos (army crawling) 7 mos on the dot (real crawling)

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