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Pelvic pressure? Back spasms?

So anyone else experience horrible pelvic pressure? I have for almost 2 months. Any ideas for relief? I'm 11 ways from my due date. All I get from my doctor is that it's pretty normal considering how close I am. I can't wait for it to go away. I also have mild, sporadic back spasms. I use the heating pad for a couple of hours each day. It seems to help while I use it than goes right back to my lower back hurting. I can get it to crack if I'm lucky but, also a short relief. Any other advice for relief at this point? Hoping baby boy decides to make his grand entrance soon!
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Re: Pelvic pressure? Back spasms?

  • I can relate. If the pain from pressure starts to get to be too much at times, I rest a little on my side to get a little relief. Standing, going down the stairs and sitting really start to get painful. I wish I knew how to get more relief but it really won't be long now and baby will be here. :
  • I have both, I too am 12 days from my due date! When I sit on a yoga ball, I ordered one from amazon a month ago, it makes both go away. Also, just started hot baths on friday night and that helps but I need someones help getting in and out of the tub. Oh my, almost there!!!
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  • I have been having pressure for about a week now, I'm still 21 days out from my EDD. And my legs seemed to swell up over the weekend - hello cankles! I've been trying to sit with my feet up as much as possible and kind of lay on my side to alleviate the pelvic/hip pain, but not much helps.
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  • The only advice I have is to see a chiropractor and/or get a massage.  Both can relieve the back spasms and the chiropractor can adjust your back/hips which may give you some relief.  
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