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Braxton Hicks

Has anyone had Braxton Hicks contractions?  If so, could you please fill me in on what they actually feel like?  I'm almost 25 weeks and my stomach will get hard for a few minutes then go back to normal but it doesn't really hurt.  I'm a FTM and apparently clueless.

Re: Braxton Hicks

  • Best I can describe is that it felt like a tensing and releasing. Not just cramping, it was more precise. It felt like a very specific tensing and then a very specific stopping of the tensing. Not at all painful but I had no question of what was happening. I'm also a FTM and only had one bout of them though, so I'm sure there people with more experience who can add more. One thing to note if you get them more frequently than a contraction every 10 min., call your doc. Happened to me but I was able to get it under control with a bath and ice water. I think dehydration is a cause for when they are too frequent.
  • I agree with the PP. You can feel the muscle tightening if you put your hand on it. Relax and drink lots of water and they should subside. Otherwise call your OB.
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