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So we left LO at my MIL's house at my husbands suggestion under the premise that he would only be there from 4 to 9 while we go to his friends house who dont have any children. At 8:30 i told DH that it was time to go get little man and he literally rolled his eyes and actually said "orrrr he can just spend the night there". When I said no I would really like to get him, his childless friend actually went back in the room with his other friends and said "well DH's wife is making him leave to go get the kid" then they all had a big laugh about it and how ridiculous it is that I want to go get OUR child. Its now 10:08 and he is still with my MIL because I was made out to be the bad guy and I left my keys to the car at the house since DH drove. WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. He is now playing video games and LO is spending the night with his grandmother. I am LIVID. We will be having a fantastic conversation on the way home.

Am I over reacting?
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