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this is dorky but...

I need to make friends. We moved late in my pregnancy and I am not working so its getting kind of lonely. Does anyone have advice on how to make new mommy friends, where do we hang out? should I just run up to women with babies and hope we hit it off?  (see isolation has made me awkward) Anyway any suggestions would be very helpful... sorry for how pathetic this is 


Re: this is dorky but...

  • I feel the same!  Although I haven't moved, most of my friends aren't having kids yet.  We live in the Greater Boston Area and although DH and I are 30, that's young in these parts!!  Where do you live??

  • I used when I moved to where I live now. I didn't have a kid yet so I looked for a group that had to do with my interests but I have found a moms group on there in my area.

    Someone else also told me to check out the local library and go to some of the kid related activities with LO.

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  • Find a mom's group. Either a BF support group (if you are BF), stroller strides, etc. There's also a website,, I haven't used it, but I"ve heard others talk about mommy walking groups, coffee groups, etc. Maybe check that out. You'll find other women with kids who are in a similar spot to you. GL! It's definitely hard being somewhere new!
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  • Does your local hospital have a parenting center or parenting classes? Ours offers a newborn support group and breastfeeding support group. That would be an easy way to meet people with LOs similar in age to yours.
  • I moved late in pregnancy too. I've met some mom friends through my hospital's BFing group, through the local mommies network site, and through story hours. Our local baby boutique stores also have meet ups for baby wearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, etc. 


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  • Join your local MOPS group. That is what I did when we moved from Az to Tx.

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  • I used meetup and joined two local groups. Those groups are big and they post lots of play dates hosted by members of the group as well as outings to parks, farms, etc. The first date I went to, the moms all had toddler boys, I had an infant girl, usually there are age ranges posted though. The next I went to was a bunch of kids around DDs age 4 months and the host said she preferred to have a set group instead if never knowing who would show. We agreed. 2 years later we have been meeting once a week, we go to each others birthday parties both ours and the kids, and we have a FB group, aptly named Tuesdays with mommies, where we chat during the week and make our plans. Best of all, four of us are on round two, making the next generation of play group.

    I also was very nervous and shy about making friends. But as my only peer to be married, let alone have kids, then to become a stay at home mom, I needed them.

    I love my group of six moms and their adorable children. Sorry this is verbose! Good luck, I hope you find someone as wonderful!

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  • You are not alone! I feel the same!

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