Newborn Chomps on Nipple [[AmyG]]

Amy, I was wondering if you could offer any help...[or anyone else]

My sister just had her second daughter on 1/3. She bf'd her first DD for a year, so this isn't her first go 'round.

She's having a terrible time with bf'ing her new DD though. Baby chomps down on my sis's nipple and has a very strong suck. When my sis tries to unlatch her, it's very hard to break the latch, and it's painful. My sis has tried different positions and tries to get Baby to latch deeper, but Baby only latches to her nipple. The pedi checked her and said she's not tongue tied. He had Baby suck on his finger and she chomped on him and sucked really hard. He told my sis he feels sorry for her. : / Baby's tongue does extend over her lower gums.

The hospital LC said Baby has a narrow jaw or something like that.

My sis has never responded well to the pump, so that isn't really an option. She could try hand expressing and syringe feeding, to give her nipples a little break...

I was wondering if a nipple shield might help...? I've run out of suggestions at this point. My sis has an acquaintance who used to be an LC, she just talked to her on the phone, but she didn't have any new suggestions. [Sis has been home from the hospital since yesterday].

Baby is still losing weight, but has not lost 10 percent of her birth weight. She was born on her due date, and was 7 lb, 6 oz. I don't know her current weight. She's had 2 wet diapers and 1 poopy one today.

Any thoughts on how to get Baby to latch deeply and stop chomping down? I don't think she's chomping due to over active letdown. The chomping started from the get go. - I'm well on my way to getting absolutely nothing done today.
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Re: Newborn Chomps on Nipple [[AmyG]]

  • i don't know how helpful this will be, i have a fairly narrow jaw line, and our DD has it as well. on top of that i have very large breasts, and large nipples. the first month was hell. got to the point of both nipples bleeding, and having to pump about 50% of her meals. nothing wrong was found. but she just continued to gum and suck very hard. i kinda just toughed it out, and gritted my teeth through the times it was painful, because i really wanted to succeed in BFing.

    our LO lost her normal weight in the hospital, and gained nothing back for about 3 weeks, on the one month appointment she had all of a sudden thrown a pound on her little frame. she was 8lbs 3oz. ever since she was born, she has gained her weight slowly. she is just at about 16lbs 8oz now at almost 8 months old. the pedi wants her eating 3 meals a day, and on vitamins, and wanted her eating much more and gaining more weight. but LO was reaching and achieving all her milestones, and WAS gaining, just slowly. at have her at only one meal in the morning, of oatmeal made up with BM and mixed with some fruit. i had her at 2 meals a day, with a veggie. but we decided that it was probably nutritionally better to just have more BM than anything else, but she loved/loves food. but she wasn't gaining any extra weight with it, so i figured BM was probably better.

    she still likes to bite, and in fact has picked up kicking and scratching as well!!! at this age i can tell her 'no' and de-latch for a moment. i am hoping she will get the ideal soon. but her 'gumming' seemed to be outgrown when she got bigger. now it seems like she does it on purpose. because there are plenty of times where she doesn't do it one bit. so now it is more behavioral.

    so for us, with just her small mouth, and my big boobs, we kinda just had to wait for her to grow more. and get a bigger mouth.

    i don't think it helps much. but for us, it did get much better, and now we are onto other problems we are having to deal with! LOL!


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  • My friend's baby has a tight jaw and seeing a chiropractor has helped them a lot. No personal advice, but if your sister is open to baby chiropractor treatments, it MIT be something to try.


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  • varying position may help.

    Has she tried laid back nursing?  with baby on top, gravity will pull baby deeper onto the breast with less chance of being able to chomp on the tip of the nipple.

    for a traditional cradle hold, be sure holding nipple closer to baby's nose rather than their mouth, so they have to reach upward to latch on, and the top of the head goes backward and they get a deeper latch.  smush the breast flat with thumb on top and 3 fingers underneath, bottom of breast touches bottom lip first. if nipple is held closer to baby's mouth they reach downward chin runs into chest and they close their mouth.

    there are finger exercises to help with latch that may hel with this too.  check with an IBCLC lactation consultant

    if latching and baby clamps down it is important to always unlatch

    also if you push baby's mouth to try to close it, often they'll instinctively try to open it, which is what you want.   

    chiropractic may help, OT or PT may also be necessary.


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  • Thanks for your replies! And thank you, Amy! I passed along the info and tips to my sis. I feel so bad for her, she's so exhausted and just having such a tough time. :[

    ETA: her LC friend is going to see her tomorrow morning. Hopefully some 1:1 help will improve things. - I'm well on my way to getting absolutely nothing done today.
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