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okay so my daughter is 6months going to be 7months on the 13th and i was wondering for the moms that already have more than 1 kid at how many months befor there birthday party did you guys start planning? im kinda already starting to think about what theme i would like and who to invite  please help me out im a FTM lol

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  • I think it is WAY too early to start planning details.  I am not going to lie..I have started thinking about themes already, but nothing too serious or definite yet.  I would say around 10 months I really started planning with DD.  I ordered her bday party dress from etsy and it took 6 weeks because it was made to order, so some things take some time.

    Enjoy your baby NOW and don't stress about the party yet!!!!!!
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  • Don't stress about it :) I mean you could have fun on Pinterest while baby sleeps if you want, but don't stress yet!

    This coming from the mom who is not doing a theme...unless you count outdoor bbq a theme lol 

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  • I have started to plan a little bit mainly because I need to have the date set and do save the dates for all the crazy family and because I'm making it a joint party for both girls and I'm really worried about how to pull it off and make it special for both if them. Will be 1 and 3
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  • the only thing I have thought about is the date since it is around fathers day we are doing the party the week after.  Other then that probably won't think about it seriously until he is 11 months.
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  • With my son, I started at 3 months before.  I secured the location first.  I was at a pizza place in their back room where they have parties.

    With my daughter, I started a little before 4 months.  And I just put down a deposit at a cupcake place.  Her birthday is April 30th, and we are having it at a cupcake place from 2:00pm-4:00pm on Sunday.  There is a story about the location.  I attend a knitting group that meets every other Sunday from 2:00pm-4:00pm at a cupcake place, and my daughter has been my baby sidekick to these meetings.  So we watch a lot of baby showers and birthday parties at this cupcake place's party room (there was an awesome American Girls Birthday Party, and all of the little girls brought their American Girl dolls to the party--I was in awe of these party).  I was thinking about little birdie (chic), cupcake, or spring flower theme.  I have putting ideas on one of Pinterest boards.  

    I am also bringing in the photographer that did our wedding.  This photographer was able to do my son's 1st birthday party, and she said that she could do my daughter's 1st birthday party as well.   If you are trying to secure a certain location or vendor on a certain date and time, then that would be a reason to start a little bit earlier to plan the birthday.  

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  • Honestly, I've been thinking the same thing. We don't have much family or friends locally. I think we'll do something intimate take dd to Disney since we're in fl. Then a smash cake...depending if dh is local. Or I may leave and go see the loverly family, ugh...o.o

    I like the previous answers though about not stressing
  • I am already planning for my lo's 1st birthday in April. I'm glad I have started because I am having trouble finding somewhere to do the cakes. I would rather be way ahead of things than be stressed later, it is a huge day for our family and it only happens once, I want it to be perfect. 

    I haven't done a lot but I have picked the theme, the day, and I believe I have the food "theme" picked also.   

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