Am I going to mess my supply up?

Eloise will sometimes only eat for about 10 minutes on one breast. She's full, my breast softens and she'll sleep for 2-3 hours no problem. I've read everywhere though that they should nurse for 20 minutes on each breast but she's incredibly hard to wake up after one of the short feedings.

Sometimes she'll nurse for 40-50 minutes [20 or so per breast] so it's not always that she'll fill off 10 minutes. I'm not sure how badly this will mess with my supply. Should I pump to even off the breasts when she only nurses for 10 minutes?

She poops... probably 8-10 times a day so she's definitely getting food I'm just not sure if I'm setting myself up for longterm difficulties if I let her have complete control of when and how she eats.

I'm going to head to a La Leche League meeting Tuesday but I sort of feel a little overwhelmed for the next two days! 

Re: Am I going to mess my supply up?

  • I know you said it's hard to wake her, but is she unswaddled, down to a diaper?Sometimes they just need to be a little chilly to stay awake.

    It's not bad if she just feed off one breast, but remember to use the other one the next feeding. I used a braclet to make sure I didn't forget because like you, both of mine would fall asleep easily at the beg. I never pumped to even out my breast and never had supply issues.

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  • I do usually get her down to her diaper mostly because she has to have diaper changes so frequently because she's always peeing & pooping. Do I need to at least make sure she's at a breast for 20 minutes or if she sincerely passes out and sleeps after 10 minutes full for a few hours she's fine?

    I did pump once and I pretty much shot out just over an ounce in about 5 minutes then nothing else for 15. 

  • My understanding is that sometimes they eat for 10 minutes, sometimes 40 etc. Irelyn eats at night for about 30 minutes. During the day sometimes it is 30+, sometimes it is 10 minutes. I think as long as she is content and peeing and pooping that is all that matters.
    BTW I feed one breast each feed and switch it up each time. Unless sometimes she has been feeding for like 30 minutes on one and wants to keep going then I offer her the other. This is what my MW suggested I do.

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  • As long as she's eating however much/however quickly keeps her satisfied, your supply should manage itself to match what she needs.

     My LO's both ate pretty quickly with no problem to my supply.

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  • Just watch those outputs and if she seems satisfied go with it. LO has only ever eaten for 10 minutes ish. If I try longer the throws up. They just get down to business fast. I also only ever feed one side. If you switch to often you may get a foremilk hindmilk imbalance. Meaning lo just eats the skim milk off odd both sides and doesn't finish the fatty milk.

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