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I'm 38w5d and on bed rest for mild pre-eclampsia. I've had sporadically sort-of high blood pressure at times (highest was 150/100), but my "high" usually hovers right at 140/90. Today I woke up with a dull headache, and two extra-strength Tylenols and a nap did not cure it. It's a very mild, dull headache. I'm also incredibly irritable today (not sure if that has anything to do with anything). I've been checking my blood pressure about once an hour, and it is running around 130/95. 

Baby boy has been moving a ton today, so that's put my mind at ease. If my headache is still there in the morning, I will call my doc.

Would you call this evening? Or just wait it out? I know you aren't doctors, and can't offer medical advice, but I'm just curious what anyone else would do in my shoes.


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