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Should I have another baby?

I'm 32 years old and I have a 9 year old daughter. I am not married nor even dating.  I want to have another baby. I have had this feeling for years and it is not disappearing. Is it irresponsible of me to bring another child into this world without a father figure?

Re: Should I have another baby?

  • IMO, as long as you can give the child a nice life its your choice. I would down the road.
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  • This is really a decision you must make for yourself. Without knowing the facts and particulars of your situation it's too vague to fathom. Can you afford another baby emotionally and financially do you have good support around you?
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    IMO, as long as you can give the child a nice life its your choice. I would down the road.


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  • It's a decision you ultimately have to make on your own but if financially ad emotionally you are able to care for another child then I do not see why not. Yes it may be difficult to not have the "father" figure but maybe you can find someone who has the same goals or ideas as you :
  • If you think you are in the right financial position & good to raise an infant on your own, then I say go for it. 

    Just like the ladies above said, its really up to you-

    I do wanna say though- being single and pregnant really sucks. And you have another child on your hands to raise while dealing with the pregnancy then the infant, without help.. it might be more difficult


  • I decided to have a child myself, using a donor.  Of course, it is different then without a SO, but thats not to say it would all be roses if I did have one.  This will likely be my only child and I have 3 brothers and plenty of guy friends for my LO to look up to. I have also been saving for this for quite awhile.  I havent had any issues with being single and pregnant - but then again, I have always been pretty independent.  Good luck!!! 
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