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Snapped at work today :/

I had a co worker today (who has been on vacation) come in and was like "Wow, you are HUGE! Are you sure there is only one baby?" I looked at her and said "Really? You really have to be a bi#@h and say something like that? Did I walk up to you and say wow you gained weight over the holidays? No I didn't, so shut up." Then proceeded to burst into tears! I think I may be losing it...Tongue Tied
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Re: Snapped at work today :/

  • You are NOT losing it! That was a stupid comment.

    I've been pretty even tempered and mellow this entire pregnancy, but over the last few weeks my hormones have gone nutty! A waitress at a diner commented that I should watch my caffeine intake when I ordered a soda and I burst into tears. My in-laws started ranting about artificial sweeteners and IQ levels of my fetus which made me burst into tears, and my husband forgot to bring home a soft pretzel from Wawa the other night which nearly made me burst into tears. I feel legitimately insane, but I really can't help it. It just comes out!

    I bet she'll think twice before she opens her mouth around you from now on LOL! Wink

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  • Ha!  That's awesome!  I bet she'll keep her mouth shut in the future!  I've been on vacation from teaching for two weeks and I know I've gotten HUGE.  My belly is barely covered by my maternity shirts at this point.  I'm bracing myself for the comments on Monday because half the staff has no filter at all.  I can usually put on a fake smile, but I've found with some people it's easier to just stare them  down.  The school nurse (who is seriously about 400lbs!!) asked me if "I was carrying Goliath in there" before xmas because I "was so huge".  I had no idea how to respond, so I just stared at her.  Like just stood there and stared at her saying nothing until she started backtracking and apologized.  I haven't cried at work yet, but everything on the news, on TV, my other kid, my husband, the radio, etc. make me cry all the time.  You aren't crazy, just pregnant.  A warning:  My crying got worse right after the baby was born with my first! Like a LOT worse.  It wasn't PPD, just the same type of crying now at silly things, only much, much worse.

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  • She got that one coming... I'm sure after you deliver your LO you will think you were a little too harsh, it's just one of those things people say....

    But I bet it felt GOOOOD!

    Good for you! lol  

  • Aww no worries - we all have our moments. Yesterday I bit 2 students' heads off for being obnoxious and annoying. They're 11-12 year old boys - I guess they're learning now not to mess with a hormonal pregnant lady. :P


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  • I know what you mean. I've been getting the most random comments about how "I look like I'm going to pop" from strangers for the last 2 weeks. 

    DH and I were buying a ceiling fan for the nursery at Lowe's the other night and the 18-year-old male cashier asked me if I was planning on having a C-Section because"I looked huge and there was NO way I could deliver 'the other way". It was the first time DH was out with me and has witnessed what I've been telling him this whole 3rd trimester - the looks, the comments from strangers. 

    We ended up laughing about it, but it was pretty embarrassing.  '


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