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Hey ladies,

I have been off work since June of last year because of a complicated high risk pregnancy.  I just found out that I will be returning to work on the 14th of this month :(  My LO is 3 months old and I hate the fact that I will be away from him.  I will be working 2-3 12hr shifts a week then eventually work my way up to 4 12hr shifts a week.  I am actually REALLY SAD about leaving him.

Next my nipples are still sore.  I will be going to a BF support group next week with a LC from my hospital.  I'm excited and nervous all in one.

My medela pump in style seems to be going out!! Sometimes I have to move the cord to get it to come completely on.  I guess I can't complain because it is from when I had my 5yr old.

I am EBF but I also pump. For 2wks I have been sick and dealing with both kids at home.  Now that LO #1 is back at school I just resumed pumping.  But now I'm not getting a lot, i started the Fenugreek, but no change yet.

Sorry this is so long i just have so many thoughts.

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Re: So many topics.....LONG

  • It's hard being away from LO, makes coming home really nice though.

    For your nips, are you using anything?  Have you checked to make sure LO latch is good, be sure to do this when you go to the meeting with the LC.  At 3 months it really shouldn't "hurt" much anymore.

    Could the cord of the PISA just be going bad?  You can buy just a replacement power supply, much cheaper than getting a new pump.

    When you got the pump, did you get it via insurance?  Most insurances now need to cover some or all of a pump, so if you didn't get one with insurance before check to see if you can get one now.

    Your supply should come back after being sick as long as you make sure you are drinking enough water, eating (if you can).  The fenugreek might take a little bit before it starts to work.

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