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If you're having a doula...

if you're having a birth doula, have/are you requesting that they do anything in particular? or have they specified what they are doing to do during labor & delivery?
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Re: If you're having a doula...

  • I am!  We went over this with her just before Christmas, but I forget. ;)  I'm assuming she will be there to provide back up support for me and DH.  We've never done this before and we decided to skip childbirth classes (several reasons), so we're both counting on her to coach us through, teach in the moment if needed, etc.  If DH needs a break, it will be good to have her with me.  Plus I've always wanted to be a doula, so having one seemed totally natural to me!
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  • had one last go round and she told me what she could do for DH and me... though we did try to plan things, I found the what I wanted once I was in labor was different (although obviously the advocating stayed the same)... this time we aren't having one... not because they aren't awesome but we think we have it under control this time :)
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  • The contract we signed gave an overall broad description of her services. I guess it's not something she can say I do XYZ but more I'm here to support you and your husband, help you understand what the doctors are saying or are possibly planning, and help you prepare for birth as much as you can. We had our first prenatal visit where we went over the stages of labor and when to call her which is basically when we feel (or more likely hubby feels) we need more than just each other. And she'll stay with us til 1-2 hours after baby is born. Next prenatal visit is tomorrow and we'll hopefully get 1 more in. Then we get 2 postpartum visits, not sure what those entail yet. I know tomorrow's visit will be kind of like a labor "walk through". 

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  • our hospital has a volunteer doula program so I wont meet her till I get there, but I'm going to ask our doula to keep my mom informed(she's out of state) and there are a very limited number of photos that I want her to take during the delivery (ie. DH catching the baby) other than that, just to be there, to coach us, to help keep the room calm


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  • I am. I found her through Operation Special Delivery. We've met twice and she had me go over a birth plan and see what I wanted/didn't want and just talked out certain things. We're meeting again this week since I'm almost ready and she said she wanted to go over last minute details and make sure I have everything packed, etc. She went over in the beginning what she "did" which is basically to support me throughout labor and delivery and then she'll make sure the baby is latching and then she'll come back for a follow up a few days after the birth at home.

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  • I had a doula last time around and would have had the same one but honestly we can't afford what she charges now. We did talk about wanting her to be relatively hands off unless we needed help but in my opinion you don't even know what you want until you're actually in labor. I learned all the fancy ways to sit on a ball and all of the different "soothing" positions that my body could be put in and all I wanted to do for my ENTIRE labor (which was about 28 hours total) was stand there and rock my hips back and forth. My doula was really helpful in trying to keep me fed and hydrated, which was an issue since I was projectile vomiting the whole time, but other than that and supportive words she didn't do much for positioning. When I had to transfer to the hospital (after 25 hours I stopped progressing at a 7 because of my LO being in a bad position) she came with me and was very helpful in the hospital. She helped me voice my opinions that I didn't have the energy to voice myself. I honestly just loved her calming presence through the whole process. 
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  • i'm birthing with a midwife at a birthing center, so my doula won't have to advocate for me like she would at a hospital, but the only thing i asked her to do that sounds like it's different from the rest of you is that i asked if she would take some pictures.  i don't want to have someone else in the room, and she agreed, and we're all understood that obviously she'll only do that if she's not busy doing something else.
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  • I got really lucky to have my sister-in-law as my doula. She was amazing throughout the entire experience.

    She and I went shopping a couple days before I delivered and we bought lavender oil and lotion, and my favorite snacks.

    My whole plan was to go natural...although things did not work out that way after 18 hours of pitocin induced labor ( bc of placenta issues)

    but she was super supportive and kept me calm and motivated throughout. Find someone you feel comfortable with!

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  • Hey job is basically to relax me, keep me calm , talk me through things, get me and my husband food/drinks if we want, dim the lights, take care of little things we don't think of, encourage me to stay on the birth path I want (all natural, no meds etc) and she also is my prenatal yoga teacher and is reiki certified so she can recommend different laboring postures and things to help the process along. They are basically there to do and be whatever you need them to do or be.
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