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Anyone dealing with hemorrhoids?  I had one really bad for a while and my doctor wrote me up suppositories and they helped.  Well it went away for a while and now it is back, and I couldn't believe how much pain I was in last night and the gush of blood that came out....now I am back to using them again.

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  • I never had hemmorhoids till I had my baby 9 weeks ago. I got a big external one from labour and now I have internal ones that were agonizing for hours after a bm! Nothing I was using was helping with the pain, so I went to DR. They gave me a Rx for anusol HC. It helped a great deal!
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  • Great. I'm 35 weeks and just got one. Didn't know what it was, hubby said it looked like one. Painful to sit and get up. Any home remedies? 

    Im on my feet working all day.  Maybe tat is why. Time to sow down?! 

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  • Oh my... I'm 25 weeks today!  I have never had an issue with hemrroids until Christmas when I got constipated (which I've never had an issue with either).  My DH got me some meds to help with the constipation.  The morning after Christmas while pooing I ended up with really really bad external hemrroids.  They were so bad I couldn't sit & I waddled when I walked.  I ended up spending 3 days pretty much laying on my side in bed or laying in a warm bath.  On day 2 I called my doctor who prescribed a cream which she said was much much stronger than the crap my DH had gotten from the drug store.  Finally after about 5 days of that prescription cream I could walk normal & they are much better, however they are still there...  They drive me insane!!!  My Mom said my Grandma mixed up Alum powder with vaseline & that worked miracles on hers after she had me & my brother.  But wouldn't you know it, I can't find Alum powder at any of the pharmacies where I live. 

    I wish you each the best of luck with this issue.  I have had several surgeries & I'd rather have all of them combined than deal with this hemrroid issue! 


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