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Funny New Years Moment...

So for New Years Eve we went to my brothers house on the lake & my DH played hockey on the outdoor rink with all my nieces and it was a blast!! We had a fantastic family evening with everyone and set off our own fireworks at midnight! 

My DH gave me a new year kiss & we were chatting...it went like this:

Me: This is gonna be a big year for us! (We are first time parents...)

DH: Yah...wow we are going to have our baby THIS year!!

Me: Yah! Next month!!!...............

We paused...looked at each other shocked and were like "HOLY ***!"

Eek! Can't believe it is so close! I am due in 6 weeks! Yikes!! I had this overwhelming urge to drive the 3 hours home and start preparing hahaha!!  


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