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WHY were you prescribed progesterone? (what were your values at what stages of the pregnancy?)
WHAT form/how often are you to take it?


I hate that I was prescribed just before my OB went on vacation and have been taking this blinding, I am embarrassed to say.

My stats:
In week 4 my numbers were 155 / 10.9
In week 5 my numbers were 2522 / 7.6

I don't get more labs until next week (in week 8) :(



Re: Progesterone Users

  • I was prescribed this without my dr. even taking any tests at all. I had previously lost a pregnancy and he had told me that he wanted me to begin this as soon as I had a positive pregnancy test. I have been taking the vaginal suppository each night before I go to bed... So far, so good!

  • I was prescribed peogesterone at 4 or 5 weeks. I had been bleeding on and off. I think I was prescribed it to help my body generate more progesterone so I wouldn't have a miscarriage. I had 1 anyway. But am preg again
  • I'm on progesterone in oil because this was an FET.  DH gives me a shot every night.   My P4 was 51 at 4ish weeks and 58 at 5 weeks.   If you are on suppositories it won't necessarily show up in your bloodwork because of the way it is definitely want it over 10 though.

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  • I'm on 400mg 2x a day with compound vaginal suppositories. I've been on progesterone since 3dpo - but was on oral prometrium 100mg 3x a day until my third beta draw @ 19dpo (they super were early betas).  I'm on it because I have a loss history, no reason more. It's something that can only help, not hurt.  ETA: My levels varied between 40 to 20 from 12 to 19 dpo. They increased it from 330 to 800 a day when they saw they were dropping, but progesterone levels fluctuate a lot as well, so again, it was just precautionary)

    The only issue with it is if you miscarry, the bleeding might not occur since progesterone essentially keeps you from bleeding., so it's nice to have some extra monitoring so you know that things are actually developing rather than holding onto a bad pregnancy. Progesterone will only keep a pregnancy developing if you truly suffer from a progesterone deficiency.  However, low progesterone numbers can also be a sign that the pregnancy is not viable - there's absolutely no way to tell which one it is other than playing it out.

    With your P4 numbers, it's definitely a good thing you're taking it. If I were you though, I would want a bit more monitoring from my doctor to make sure the supplement dosage is working for you.



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  • At 7 weeks, my level was 9.4.  I take 200 mg/day orally.  My OB stressed that levels fluctuate daily and he wasn't very concerned.  (I've had no previous losses and no spotting.)  I'm assuming they'll take my blood again when I go back in a few weeks.

  • I had two early miscarriages, and then they did the recurrent pregnancy loss blood workup.  My progesterone wasn't low--but, this time, I was prescribed Crinone 8% suppositories.  So far, I'm at 7 weeks, 4 days.  That's farther than I've gotten before.  They found a heartbeat at 6 weeks, 3days.  I'm headed back in next week to make sure everything's still ok.
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  • I take it because of my history, multiple miscarriages and IVF. The only time I had it tested during pregnancy was my second pregnancy and it came back at 32, so it was fine. Before IVF I had levels checked at 7dpo and if it came back low I went ahead and started the suppositories and when I got pregnant I just continued them. With IVF it's just standard procedure. I've been on progesterone in oil shots since egg retrieval and a progesterone suppository since embryo transfer, but never had levels checked.

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  • I'm not trying to press all my panic buttons but I was prescribed this after my initial P4 draw of only 6. I was prescribed 100 mg only once per day. It seems everything I read in forums online, most women are on 200 mgs. Just curious if anybody else is taking only 100 mg?
  • ughh. I am on it because of IVF. I've been doing intramuscular shots in my hips since December 2nd and have to keep going until February 10th. I'm already counting down the days until the bruises can start to heal!
  • We tested mine at 3.5wks b/c of the m/c the month before, and it was 11, so she put me on progesterone then in hopes this baby would stick-- and it has! I don't know what my new levels were last visit, but she said they were MUCH better, so I'm assuming they are in the normal range now :)


  • I do 100mg too.

    I was also prescribed without a progesterone test based on my short-ish luteal phase, my low bbt temps and the fact we used expensive donor sperm and didn't want to risk conception but a c/p. I got Endometrin (one of only 2 FDA approved ones) and do 100mg per day in the evening, beginning 5dpo and continuing past bfp through the first tri. 

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  • WHY were you prescribed progesterone? (what were your values at what stages of the pregnancy?) I did IVF, so it was some-what standard for my situation. I believe my progesterone level was 40 at 4 weeks. We did IVF for male factor - I was not on it because of having a previous loss or because I naturally produced low amounts of progesterone.

    WHAT form/how often are you to take it? Took the suppositories 3x per day from before the retrieval until yesterday, which was my last day. I took it for almost 3 months.


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  • I will be starting the shots at week 16 bc my daughter was a preemie.  I also had a previous loss so I'm not sure if that also contributes to the decision??
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