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10 month old development

Hey ladies!

It has been A LONG time since I had a baby around! I have a 13 yr old son, a 16 yr old step-son, and a 10 month old baby boy!! HUGE surprise! Anyways, I can't remember everything, and I'm afraid my baby may be behind in some areas! He doesn't hold his bottle or a cup really. He doesn't feed himself at all. I still feed him only baby food w/ cereal. He doesn't sleep through the night, and he usually frinks at least 1 6oz bottle at night, sometimes 2! He doesn't nap well either, sometimes only 2 a day for about 30 mins at a time!Sad His stomach seems to be UBER sensitive, so I really don't try any new foods with him at all. He totally gags on the 3rd foods if they have any texture to them, but he does have 6 teeth and 2 others coming in!

I have read anything and everything from he should be doing all this and more by now, to until your child is 2 don't worry! So any thoughts or ideas would be great!Big Smile

Re: 10 month old development

  • I don't think he's behind but I'd try a few things.  Get handles for his bottle.  My son refused to hold his.  We tried the handles and it helped and we also bought him tilt cups.  You don't have to tip them as far to get the liquid out.  Not STTN is still within normal and if he's eating, he's hungry.  You might get more night sleep if you can find a way to increase his food consumption during the day - maybe :)  Lots of kids have trouble with stage 3s.  Imagine having something you assume will be smooth arrive on a spoon and realize you were supposed to chew it and didn't.  I know I'd gag.  Have you tried giving him finger foods?  Tons of kids are on finger foods at this age and skip the stage 3 totally.
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  • My daughter only eats baby cereal, stage 2 purees, and yogurt and puffs.  She gags and vomits on any table food I have tried and anything with texture. She also has 6 teeth.

    Your baby doesn't seem behind on anything.  I wouldn't worry.  Any of the things you described can happen with any 10 month old. 

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  • All of that sounds fairly normal to me, but if your worried give your pedi a call so you aren't so stressed.  I second the PP- try skipping the stage 3 foods and letting him play with some soft finger foods.  Even if he doesn't actually eat anything for awhile it is good for his fine motor skills to work on feeding himself.  Good luck!

  • Sounds totally normal.  My son was pretty much the same way.  Something clicked at around 11 months and suddenly he was interested in drinking from a sippy and eating finger foods.  Honestly, I thought I was going to be feeding him purees until he was 7! Just keep offering him the sippy and finger foods and he will eventually catch on.  As far as the sleeping goes, we co-sleep now so he sleeps great.  Prior to that, he was waking several times a night.
  • My DD hates the stage 3 baby foods with texture. I tried a couple of times and then just started giving her more finger foods. She loves finger foods.  I would just give her little bits of whatever me and DH were eating.  She would just play with them at first but now she eats it.

    DD doesn't hold her own bottle well and she is just now getting the hang of the sippy cup.  She doesn't get that she has to tip it up to get a drink.  I just kept putting it in her hand and tipping it up for her.  I would even take a sippy cup and take out the stopper, then put it up to her mouth and let some of the water drip out.  I figured she might just need to be shown that there was something in the cup and she could get it out.  I put cold water (she seemed to prefer the colder the better) in her cup and introduce it every time she is in her highchair eating a meal.     

    Could you introduce new foods by mixing them with old foods that you know he likes and his stomach tolerates?

    As far as sleeping thru the night, does he wake up cause he is hungry or something else?  My DD used to wake up a lot until she learned to self soothe and put herself back to sleep.  We also introduced a blankie/lovey which has helped a lot (she never took a pacifier).   

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  • Most babies gag on foods with texture so that's normal. Don't stop trying just because he gags. Have you talked to your pediatrician about all this? They are usually very helpful and will make sure your son is on track. I would think that at 10 months he should be eating a wider variety of foods to get ready for when bottles go away but again, I'd ask your doc :)

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