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Caroline is here

Caroline arrived Dec. 28 at 11:33 pm

When I arrived at the hospital for cervidil Thursday night, baby had a 5 min decel in heart rate. They almost rushed me into an emergency csection when she recovered. After this they wouldn't start the cervidil. I was monitored over night and started pitocin at 6 am. After 7 hours pain met free I had only progressed to 3.5 cm. I decided to get the epidural. After 5 more hours I was 5 to 6 cm. then after 2 to 3 more hours I was a tight 5. Baby's head was being compressed and doctor thought my swelling was causing the failure to progress. We decided to go ahead with the csection which was disappointing. In the end she is beautiful wonderful and I don't really care how she arrived. I wanted to add a pic but I am on my phone while nursing and don't think I can!
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