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What a difference a month makes!

So today DS turned 10 months. When he was 9 months he was basically - well - a lump on a long lol

He didn't crawl didn't pull to a stand - nothing - just rolled to where he wanted to go

And NOW he does almost it all! Crawls like a bat out of hell, pulls to stand, cruises, he stool briefly by himself today without holding on. Waving on command, more teeth. No walking but it's just crazy how much one month makes.

I was thinking he was behind at his 9 month check up and was worried and asking the Dr. about it and then BAM 1 month later and he is doing all the things at once like just days between each little milestone.

I just find it crazy and overwhelming and wonderful and sad and happy all at the same time!  

Who KNOWS what he will be doing at 11 months but I can't wait to find out!! 

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Re: What a difference a month makes!

  • I feel the same way. It never ceases to amaze me how they go to bed one night not doing something and then the next day, its like they've been doing it forever! Mine was the same way and then within a week and a half, he crawled, pulled to a stand, cruised and now stands for long periods of time. He waves, too but it's about 50/50 if you get one in response. He thinks it's funny when multiple people wave at him and he gets distracted.

    Today he was in his high chair and had dropped his cup a couple of times. Every time he dropped it, I'd say "Uh oh!" About the fourth time it fell, he looked at me, laughed and said "Uh oh!" Before I could say it. It was so cute. 

    I will say, I am such a non-baby person, before my son, I honestly thought the entire first year of a baby's life was like the first three months, just a tiny little blob that didn't do much and needed you for everything. I never realized how fast they really do grow and how much they learn so quickly before they even turn one. I didn't expect to have such a fun little person already. 


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  • Oh man I have been saying "uh oh" for EVERYthing waiting for him to pick it up!! So jealous, I can't wait!!
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  • I kid you not, I was awake (couldn't sleep) until 4:30am last night..but while I was awake I did a lot of thinking.  Some of it was just this, what a difference a month makes..what big differences have already happened.  I looked at the videos from even just 3 months ago on my camera last night while lying in bed and cried a little.  I couldn't stop looking at how tiny she was and even more "baby-like" than she is today.  I love my girl now, I think it was a lot of hormones last night, but also just the "I'll never get that time back." You try and savor all you can in the moment, but then it's gone.  Just 3 days ago she crawled for the first time and already today I put her down on her bedroom floor and she crawled over to her dresser, grabbed the knob, pulled it open and started pulling out all her pants.  *lol*  I'm in trouble!  But oh so much fun.  
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  • I know! Time is flying by so fast. I was looking at his pictures on the wall the other day and it made me all teary eyed because he just seems so much bigger than I feel he should be. The difference in between his 6 month and 9 month photo shoot is crazy!
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  • OMG yes!! Time is flying and they are growing and growing! I'm still waiting for my LO to wave back. The other day he clapped a few times but hasnt done it since again haha.Can't wait to see him take his first steps! So exciting!!
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