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If you bought a Britax Boulevard...

does your LOs feet scrunch up to the back of the seat? His feet hit the back seat.  We are taking it to be installed tomorrow by someone certified, but I'm pretty sure DH has it in correctly. 

Re: If you bought a Britax Boulevard...

  • Hmm, we have the Advocate and never had that issue.  DD was off the charts for size...

    It shouldn't matter if they touch the seat though.  They can be rear face and even sit with their legs crossed and be comfy.

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  • Yep, my LO's feet touch touch but pretty sure that's normal. There's not really a way to avoid that with any rear facing car seat...
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  • Britax is known for having less legroom rearfacing than other brands.





  • I have the boulevard and my LO's feet touch the back of the seat.  I thought it was normal.  I mean, they are supposed to be rear facing for 2 years if possible so I figured at some point her feet would touch. Like pp said, they can cross their legs.  My DD likes it, she loves to take her shoes off and kick the back of the seat and laugh.  

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  • We had the Britax Marathon and he was really scrunched. Not just touching the seat but he could rest his elbows on his knees. It was just a bad fit. It wasn't until I read more about Britax experiences that I found out that they aren't usually the brand of choice for people with tall children since they tend to have shorter shells.

    That being said, I ditched the Marathon and got a Clek Foonf and his feet barely touch the back of the seat. It's just a better seat for my kid in terms of fit, not to mention it's a heck of a solid carseat. For us, it was well worth the investment. 

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  • We have a Britax, and at 8 months, DD2's feet were almost touching. They touch now at 9 1/2 months. I think her feet would touch with any seat we put in her in since she is above 95% for height. Its a b*tch to get her in, but, again, I'm sure given her size and age, any carseat would be that way.
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  • we have it but had to put a rolled towel to make it tilt more. I think it's because my car has somewhat bucket seats.

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