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GTKY: Tattoos!

Hey ladies!  I'm wondering if any of you have tattoos.  If so, what do you have? Also, do you think it'll ever be an issue with future kids?

My DH and I have tattoos.  His are mostly from when he was in the Marines.  Some were better decisions than others but hey, it seems like a bad tattoo or two is part of being a young Marine! His first tattoos were skulls, a dagger and a baby devil dog, recent tattoos have been memorial or war related for when he did tours in Iraq.  He currently has an awesome battle field cross, EGA, and American flag half sleeve that I love! My tattoos are all love based.  I have 1st Corinthians 13:13 on my ribs/side, love written on my wrist, a love symbol on my hip, and 1st Corinthians 13:8 on my foot.

I love our tattoos.  I actually look forward to when we have kids that will ask about them so that I can explain their meaning.  



Re: GTKY: Tattoos!

  • We both have tattoos also.

    Most of DHs are tribal. He has a tribal dragon, a tribal armband, kanji for strength and determination, and an ocean style tribal one.

    I have the dark mark from Harry potter on my left forearm, three purple and green nautical stars between my shoulder blades going down my spine and an Amy brown fairy on my lower back. Yes, I have a tramp stamp! Lol it was my first when I was 17.
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  • I have 3. Getting the 4th soon.

    LOVE- all girly between my shoulders, a butterfly with celtic design behind it on my calf, and a gardenia surrounded by juniper on my shoulder.

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  • I have a rosary anklet tattoo.  I got it after my first MC.  Whenever my kids are old enough to ask about it, I will explain it.  The only issue I can see coming about is my kids wanting a tattoo when they aren't old enough to really know what they are doing.

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  • DH and I both have tattoos (each have 1) DH has a tattoo of his family's crest on his arm and I have angel wings on my right shoulder.

    My next tattoo will be a celtic heart knot, and in the spaces I will be getting the birthstones of my child(ren) but that wont be till after we decide we are done. I think that will be all I get. DH said he won't be getting anymore either.

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  • I have an outline of a star between my shoulder blades that I got on my 18th birthday for sh*ts & giggles. It's very simple and could be added on to so I like it. I also have one on my right foot of two birds with DH and I's wedding date under it. The birds are from one of our save the dates. I love it Big Smile.

    DH has 4 tattoos: a star on his chest, pumpkin on his upper arm, a skull on the upper part of the other arm & another star there as well. He likes his and plans to add to them sometime.

    We are both interested in getting tattoos for our children as well. I think it will be fun to tell the meanings of them to our kids.

    ETA: Bahahaha I completely forgot about the "R" DH has on his ring finger. My first name starts with an R, obviously.

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  •  I have a portion of album art work from my favorite band Death Cab for Cutie on my foot.  The band and the close group of friends I made in college changed my life and will forever be a part of who I am.   I
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  • I have one -- maple leaf on my hip

    DH has 2 -- cross on wrist, and bible verse on chest

    We both want more someday but I want to be sure exactly what I want and where first.

    I don't see it being a problem for us because we don't have any we regret.
  • I have a few: Stars up my ankle, heritage crest on my right foot, memorial for my mom on my left foot, pointe shoes up my back/side and Asher's foot print under my right breast/on my ribs.


  • DH and I both have tattoos. He has a longhorn with a texas flag on his arm and a cross on the inside of his other arm he go when his grandfather passed. His grandfather was a WWII veteran and was a POW, so he hopes to add some meaningful symbols to it.

    I have 6, they all have meaning.

    1 - Outline of Texas with a heart on DFW behind my ear, because Texas is and will always be my home.

     2 - Yellow rose on my right hip. As in, the yellow rose of Texas.

    3 - Cursive L on my left hip, L is my first initial

    4 - "All was well." on my left wrist, it is the last sentence from the last Harry Potter book.

    5 - "Love you, Mema" on my left foot. My grandmother has dementia and Alzheimers and I miss her everyday. I took a card she wrote me on one of my birthdays and they copied "Love you, Mema" in her own handwriting. Now even though she doesn't remember me, she tells me she loves me every time I look down.

    6 - I have Ya'aburnee written on my right foot inner arch for my DH. It is an Arabic phrase that literally translates into "you bury me", meaning you hope to go before your lover as the mere thought of going on without them is unbearable.


    Since all of mine have meaning, I do not see a problem. If my children want to get tattoos when they are adults, I will simply encourage them to select them with meaning.



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  • I have two. A bird behind my right ear and "His Beloved" on my left foot. My DH has none, I have tried convincing him but so far nada!
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  • I have three =)

    A flur de lis on my foot, a heart on my left ring finger, and a spider-man heart on the back of my neck

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  • This is the only tattoo I have (photo taken seconds after it being finished). I'm hoping it's low enough on my hip that it won't stretch out ridiculously but we shall see.


  • i have my entire right side done, a collage of different flowers that each mean something to me, with a hummingbird in the middle for my grandma.

    a flower on my right foot that represents when my mom and i actually became "friends"

     a horseshoe with wings on my left hip, when i made the varsity equestrian team in college

    song lyrics from the sick puppies on the top of my back. 

     i want to get my left side done with falling maple leaves and breaking ben lyrics, but im not sure if i ever will because actually my husband really doesnt like tattoos. he doesnt have any. i think i will tell my kids they can get one at 18 but to make sure its something that is really special and means something to them, as all of mine do. i think its so silly to get a tattoo "just because"

    i love all of mine. 

  • I have three...

    Double dragons on my lower back

    A butterfly on my right shoulder blade

    And a set of angel wings on the inside of my left wrist RIP Mom

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  • I have a few, some I'm more proud of than others :) BF has a full left arm sleeve.

    Funny thing was since we met online, neither of us knew about the others tattoos until meeting in person (how did we both fail to mention that online?). Come to find out, the same artist tattooed us!

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  • I have a few - but this is my most recent. It was a memorial tattoo for my Dad. The Harley "1" he had tattoo'd on his arm and I wanted the same, but modernized.

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  • I have these down my back (this was taken right after the guy finished)


    I have an infinity heart on my right ankle, and the "ohm" sign (from buddhism) on my right wrist.

    I'm planning on getting a memorial tattoo for my dad and nana soon. I finally found someone who is going to draw it up for me.

    All of mine are in places that won't stretch or anything when I get pregnant. So, that's a plus. :) 

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  • I have "be not afraid" on my wrist and a replica of one of my mom's tattoos on the back of my neck. it's a peace sign and I got it on the one year anniversary of her death. mine are small and easily covered if need be, so they won't ever really be an issue. I love hearing everyones stories!
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  • I have a butterfly on my left hip (near the bone) ... should've thought it out a bit more as it is double the size I wanted and will eventually look like a bat after babies. It's kind of a running joke with my family. I'm kind of hoping that if I have a c-section I can have part of it cut out... we'll see. 
  • I have 6


    Ankle - Daisy band

    Foot- Symbols for pure pleasure it?s an inside joke between SIL and I and it?s pretty.

    Shoulder ? Symbol for grandfather and my maiden name

    Arm- Calla Lily in tribal with ?Elizabeth? ? my mom also has this one and we share the same first name. Though neither of us goes by that name.

    Tramp Stamp- Tribal

    Belly Button- Tribal and daisies. I had this tattoo prior to having DD, it covered my whole stomach while pregnant and I was terrified it would not go back. It did and has held up well through 4 other surgeries where they entered through my belly hole ( I just cracked myself up)


    SO has tons being the sexy beast that he is.


    He has a lot of Japanese art. Koi, dragons and such. He is such a zombie freak he has a scene on his forearm with a zombie hand coming out of the ground His are all large tattoos where mine are small and delicate.  


    My child and future children can get tattoos of their own as long as they are 18 and pay for them themselves.


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  • 1. Fairy outline on my hip. 18 years old lol
    2. Large colored stargazer lily on my lower back left side.
    3. "Too infinity" on my right ribs/side next to my breast. My sister has " beyond"
    4. Heart symbol with love written in it on my right hip panty line.

    Era: DH has none and has no plans to get any. I want more.


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  • I have 3, right shoulder Kokopeli, Its suppose to be for fertility. I didn't know that when I got it. I have a wrist and a foot/ankle tat. I would love to get more!
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  • I would love a tattoo but don't have any yet! I am having trouble deciding what I want done and where! 

    I do have 2 dermal piercings, one under each clavicle which always get lots of questions from strangers!  

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  • I love tattoos!  DH has half sleeves on both arms, and working on extending them to full sleeves.

    I have 3  - a flowery-vine design on my lower back (definitely a tramp stamp), and then one on each of my hip bones.  One's a girly skull and crossbones and the other is a heart.  

    The hip ones are going to look cray when they get stretched out, but oh well!  They aren't visible in a swimsuit, so it's not like anyone really sees them.  

    My OB/GYN told me they were "interesting" once... AWKWARD. 

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  • Just reading about everyone's tattoos definitely makes me want to get one right now, but for now I just have 1.  It's a butterly with a tribal design on my lower back. If I was to get any more I would get one on my foot, ankle or wrist.
  • I only have 1. Its a tribal with a heart on my lower back. My 15 yo cousin informed everyone, at my grandma's birthday dinner, that my shirt had come up and her new boyfriend could see my tramp stamp. She's a mess.
    DH wants tattoos but is still deciding what he wants. I definitely want more !
  • I don't have any yet, but I plan to get a claddagh on my shoulder.  DH has a sword/cross with wings (12 feathers total for the 12 apostles) and the omega over the top of the cross/hilt.

  • I have a Purple Heart with vines on my shoulder. It was my first tattoo and I plan one day on adding to it. I also have a grey kimchi pot with a blossoming cherry tree bursting out the lid to represent my time in Korea on my calf. I also have the Walrus and the carpenter with tweedle dee and dum and the baby oysters with part of the poem tattooed on my thigh the time had come my little friends to talk of many things, of shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings. My husband has what is called a samtaeguk with bamboo tattooed on his calf to represent his time in Korea. A samtaeguk is koreas original 3 part yin yang symbol.
  • I just have one so far. It's the Leo symbol on my right foot. I hoping to get two sparrows eventually but I am kind of a big wimp.

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  • I was hoping for more PIPs in this thread.

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