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XP - sleep help!

DS used to sleep through the night - he never fights sleep at bedtime and is usually dead asleep by 7pm and would sleep till around 6 for a sippy of milk then fall back to sleep  or just lay in bed quietly until about 630

in the last couple months he's been getting up at 430am!!! and he wakes up yelling for me or dadda! DH will get up and give him his bottle by around 5ish when he hasn't stopped fussing. but now he won't go back to sleep, so we've been up at 5 just about every day for the past couple months!

we're both starting to go a little nuts. i know we'll be up MUCH more in the next couple weeks when DS2 comes along but it'd be nice to catch up on some sleep ahead of time so i'm not a total zombie by then.

any tips to get DS1 to sleep in more!?

**i must add that by holding him up later it does NOT help...we can keep him up until 830 and he's still up at 4 or put him down at 730 and same thing..

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Re: XP - sleep help!

  • This may not be much help, but in my experience, this is probably just a phase.  My son started having some sleep issues and we just tried our best to help him get back to sleep (which meant me sleeping with him).  It lasted about three weeks, and now he is back to his old self.  Your son may also sense that there are some big changes headed his way and is having some anxiety about it.
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  • Nate went through a phase like this. He was sleeping through the night really well, then he started waking up around 4:30 and having trouble going back to sleep. It lasted a few weeks, then everything went back to normal. I never did figure out the real "problem"

    I know it's frustrating with another on the way because you want so badly to sleep while you still can. I wish I had better advice... just try keeping things routine and hopefully it will work out soon!

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  • That's rough, sorry you are dealing with this!

    Maybe this early wake up is now part of his normal routine since it has been going on for months. Have you tried not going in to his room when he wakes up at 4:30 (as long as I knew he was safe, healthy, etc) and seeing if he passes back out? 

    When he get's a bit older you could try one of those toddler sleep clocks. Not sure if my DS would abide by it though : /

    http://www.amazon.com/My-Tot-Clock-Children-Better-So/dp/B001QS802K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1357237920&sr=8-1&keywords=toddler+sleep+clock  ;

    Good luck! 

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  • Hi. I'm not sure how old your little one is, but I would suggest a graduated soothing in the morning (every 15 minutes) go in with a little shushh and "it's time for night night" and do not get him up or engage with him!  When it is his regular wake time, go in and don't rush to pick him up.  First turn on light and open blinds, turn off noise machine etc and say, "You did so good sleeping in your bed until mommy/daddy came to get you! We came and got you when it was time to wake up just like we said we would!" and then pick him up.  WHen you go in for incremental soothing keep lights off and don't make eye contact.  It might take a few days but his internal clock will reset.  If he is older (2 or 3) there are alarm clocks that have a sleeping bunny on them are you can set it for his wake up time and tell him he isn't allowed to get up until the bunny wakes up. Then just stay consistent with that!

    I am a baby/toddler sleep consultant and if you feel you need professional, experienced support, don't hesitate to contact me! I'm rooting for you!

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