December 2012 Moms

my baby is finally acting like...well, a baby :]

William has finally begun acting like a baby and less like a sleepy newborn. The other day, in his RnP, he was awake for around thirty minutes and just sat in there playing with his hands. This is quite the milestone considering most of the time he cries and fusses immediately upon opening his eyes.

He also has begun focusing more on faces (or at least it seems that way) and has become a big fan of staring at lights. Let's just hope that doesn't lead to terrible eye sight, since his chances aren't that great to begin with (I am blind as a bat). 

Did I mention he can propel his pacifier great distances? And likes to hide it behind his legs/elbow/swaddle when we aren't looking. 

Call me a goober, but I am very proud of our tiny human :]

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