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Doing "it"

Ok, today was the 2nd time DTD since I had Grace.
It wasn't exactly painful as it was uncomfortable. I felt like I was being stretched to the maxxxxx.
I will say Im a pretty small person and have always been smaller in that region and DH is pretty blessed.

Anyone else still uncomfortable now or am I the only one? Any advice, or is it something that will just have to pass with time?
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Re: Doing "it"

  • First time was ROUGH for us. Second was a little better. Third was REALLY good. Try different positions. Missionary didn't do it for us. Doggie style was a little better, but me on top was best. I definitely can relate to the 'stretching' feeling! I hope it goes away soon...I'm kinda in love with sex with my hubby...
  • We tried doggy and that was a no go. Missionary was best and least uncomfortable. Now I'm just sore. I feel bad because I've always loved it but this sucks! Hoping it's better next time.

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  • We did it a few days ago.. Man oh man did I miss sex! We had to take it slow, and it was a little uncomfortable, but it was nice actually wanting sex again. Basically the whole pregnancy I had no interest
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  • I'm 9 weeks pp and we still haven't tried. I was cleared at my 6 week but I have been to scared to do it. Dh has been trying to get it on with me since I got out of the hospital. Maybe I need to just get over the fear of being uncomfortable lol

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  • I was C section so I was surprised how much it hurt the first few times.... i think part of it is the condom.. hate it!



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  • We haven't attempted it yet. We haven't had sex since we conceived. Just haven't been interested either one of us. My hubby asked at about 5 weeks PP and I told him we had to wait for the green light still. I got my IUD put in yesterday and just the speculum going in hurt. Little C was born via csection after 5 hours of pushing so I'm feeling like a virgin all over again. My hubby will probably be thrilled. Me, not so much.
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  • We're going to attempt tonight since my stupid period went away. I'm a little nervous, but am just craving that intimacy with my husband.
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  • It will get easier with time. After I had DS it probably took 5 or 6 times before it was more comfortable than uncomfortable. Keep trying and keep the lube nearby!

    I just got cleared yesterday, but they didn't have my BC at the pharmacy, so I told DH I at least want to have one pill in my system before we go for it. And I reminded him that it prob won't be awesome the first time we try. Somehow he forgot from last time? 

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  • Doc gave me the green light to try after 7 weeks which is next tuesday. I don't really care. Prob not even going to remind him.

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  • Not yet here but will be 6 wks pp tomorrow.  When I had my 1 month follow-up appt last week, Dr. said I still had 1 or 2 stitches and to wait another week or two before sex. I'm leaning to waiting until next week, though DH is anxious.  I hope this time around is better than with DD1.  It was uncomfortable for MANY months after.  Definitely need the lube, especially if BFing. 
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  • DH and I were talking about this. I had my post partum exam at 7 weeks and they did a pap and it HURT so bad. I told DH I think they gave me the husband stitch.  I am no where near ready to jump back in the sack.
  • We tried yesterday for the first time. I was really nervous because my obgyn can't take me for my 'six week appt' till nine weeks post partum. I found the it ached but not hurt. I'm not excited to try again so I may wait another week


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  • I honestly don't think there will be sex anytime in the foreseeable future. Just thinking about what my vag has been through kills any fleeting thought of that.
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