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Baby proofing

What are your plans with your coffee table? Ours is wrought iron and glass. Not exactally child friendly. I'm thinking about getting rid of it and getting an upholstered one. I'm afraid that will look funny with our leather couch. I could also put the bumpers on.
What are you doing?

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Re: Baby proofing

  • We tried the bumpers with our older DD and that did not work, so we got rid of the coffee table.I know a few other people who ended up getting rid of their coffee table-because of baby proofing and wanting more space.
  • i dont know. it stresses me out.


  • Luckily we have an leather ottoman so it's soft...I did put outlet covers on today and DVDs away in our builtins ugh but there is so much more to do! I agree with Karm it stresses me out!


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  • My fat arse baby isn't moving anywhere unless its to Taco Bell. So we aren't thinking about it yet. But it's going to be awful. I don't even really know where to begin other than gates and outlet covers
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  • image Pegleg715:
    My fat arse baby isn't moving anywhere unless its to Taco Bell. So we aren't thinking about it yet. But it's going to be awful. I don't even really know where to begin other than gates and outlet covers

    i live in a tiny apartment. i dont know where to begin here. buy an entertianment center to close everything in? lol.

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  • we have a microfiber covered ottoman instead of a coffee table so I'm not too worried about that. My H is worried about the bookshelves so I think we'll be bolting them to the wall so she can't pull them onto her.
  • Nothing kids gotta learn somehow. Besides she's not going to be very mobile for a while due to the body cast. But even if she were I would leave it. I'm all for outlet covers we actually had to install all new outlets in our has because the old ones were the original 1958 ones so I got special safety ones. im also for baby gates and cabinet locks but I'm anti furniture padding. That's just too much in my opinion. My parents had metal and glass tables and I did just fine.
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  • We don't have a coffee table because our couches have the pop out leg rests... but we have a brick fire place that I'm stressing about.  I'm thinking about making a fitted pillow to go over it and just not using the fireplace when she does get mobile.  Then we would have more seating... not sure yet.

    You should totally do an upholstered one!  There are a TON of tutorials on how to make one yourself for half the price of what you would pay for one.  Just a thought. (I've alway's wanted to do that but I don't have the room yet)

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  • My ILs got this weird bumper thing that goes around the while table with elastic, and it's so ugly! I guess if it works that's fine, but I figure there must be more attractive options! Luckily our coffee table is oblong with no sharp edges, so we are good there!
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  • We will be gating off the one room that has a coffee table, fire place, book cases, wing back chairs, ridiculously elaborate lamps... My dad and DH just installed all of those tamper resistant outlets and all the other rooms in my old a$$ house have doors that you can completely close them off with, so until she's tall enough for door knobs, we're all set.

  • We got rid of our coffee table when we had DD1. It is nice to have the open space for the kids to play.
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  • The sides of our coffee table are flush with the frame so that is no problem. We do have a few other glass tables that hold photos and the like, so we will likely have to do something with those. Not sure yet though.
  • We are planning on a new coffee table and end tables soon anyway but until then I am not doing anything besides outlet covers and a cabinet lock on the one under the sink with the cleaning supplies.  I dont have a lot of crazy breakable stuff so he'll be fine.
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  • We took ours out of the room when he was born so we had room for this bouncy chair and swing.  I don't plan to bring it back in for a year or two.
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  • We've already moved our coffee table out of the family room since with her jumperoo and toys, it was seeming a bit too crowded in there.  I already have the electrical covers in, but I still need to do some further proofing (like removing smaller things off the end tables, moving dvd's etc.)  But she's not even close to being mobil yet, so I'm not in a huge hurry.  We'll get baby gates too when the time comes since we have stairs and lots of rooms she can get into.

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  • We're also considering just getting rid of our coffee table for a while.  Gives us more room for baby stuff and Wii.

    Planning to put outlet covers on and some magnetic cabinet locks, but not much else. 

    Mostly for us it's going to be about keeping things really tidy, which will be hard.

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