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A/S today; bi-lobed placenta?

Hi, ladies!

So the A/S today went REALLY well!  We have a baby BOY this time and are so excited!  He is measuring 8 days ahead (eek!) and everything looks great so far, we'll just need a follow-up ultrasound next month because they couldn't get some measurements due to his position.  I'm not worried about this at all, but did learn today that apparently I have a bi-lobed placenta (also known as a succinturate placenta).  My doctor said that since his growth is so great and neither lobe is anywhere near my cervix, it's nothing to worry about.  It's just important to know so that whoever ends up delivering our baby boy knows to get aaallll the placenta out. 

Has anyone else here experienced a bi-lobed placenta?  Just curious about others' real-life experiences with this.  Thanks!

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Re: A/S today; bi-lobed placenta?

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