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Due Date Changes

This morning I had my 28 week doctors appointment, and I noticed on the nurses chart that they had my due date as March 10th when in fact my due date is really March 27th.

Being concerned, I asked the nurse if it was written incorrectly, and she said, "no my due date is still March 27th, but during my last ultrasound (2nd trimester anatomy scan), when they measured baby that the computer generated a March 10th due date."

She said they are sticking to the 27th still based off of my LMP as well as the first ultrasound they did on me, because it is the most accurate, but I was wondering, does that mean that baby is measuring bigger? Could this be a sign that she could come a little earlier, and is slightly ahead of her due date? Or is it simply just as she said, not as accurate as the first one, and the earlier due date simply doesn't suggest anything at all.

FTM and wanted some opinions from those who have experienced this :) Thanks. 

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Re: Due Date Changes

  • I don't have an answer for you, but I obviously need to start paying more attention to the chart at my doc's office! I've been wondering about due date changes and how common they are.

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  • The reason that they do a dating ultrasound around 8 weeks is that most babies grow at the same rate at that point.  After the first trimester the growth rate is going to be more genetic and environmentally dependent.  A full term baby can be 6lb or 9lb, so any later ultrasound is not going to be as accurate when it comes to dating. I have also heard of a lot of moms saying that they had a c-section due to a large baby based on ultrasound, when in actuality the baby was normal sized, so I don't think they are overly accurate either. I wouldn't put anything into it regarding when you will have the baby.  I would anticipate that the baby will most likely come anytime between 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after March 27th.

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  • My dr said that more than a 5 days difference between lmp and the 12 wk us was when they would look at changing the date.  I was exactly at a 5 day difference, so the dr goes with my lmp and I'm sticking with what my lo measured at the 12 wk us.   

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  • I have consistently measured two weeks ahead with this baby since I was about 18 weeks (she's in the 92 percentile or so). They've never talked about changing the due date, especially since I know when ovulation occurred. She just might be a little larger. I don't think they expect me to go early or anything. I get almost weekly ultrasounds, and her growth has been really consistent.
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  • I asked my OB about this during my last appointment. My given due date is March 26th. The OB says it all depends on what the baby decides to do but she feels that the baby is more likely to come in March than early April. So basically, anytime in March is fair game.
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