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Questions on delivery with possibly ds baby?

Just wondering if there were any additional nurses/doctors in delivery room with you? I was told I have a very high chance of having a ds baby bacause he/she have a complete avsd and some other markers.  The cardiologist already told me the baby will be trasferred to nicu. Just wondering what I should somewhat expect in delivery room.

Re: Questions on delivery with possibly ds baby?

  • I cannot speak specifically to DS, but there were some concerns about my baby at the time of delivery so to be on the safe side, they brought in a team from the NICU just in case.  If I remember correctly, it was a PA to the neonatologist and 2 nurses.  Everything ended up being just fine so after they looked her over, the team left and it was just my dr and a delivery nurse.  The NICU team stayed out of the way during the delivery since everything seemed to be going as it should.
  • We had a confirmed DS diagnosis and a confirmed AVSD. We had a party in the delivery room, haha. NICU team, cardiology, OB, MFM. Lauren was assessed in the room and deemed healthy enough to stay with me. No NICU time for her! I made it very clear that she was not to be taken to the NICU just because she had DS. I also made sure everyone knew that we already knew that she had DS, we didn't want any I'm sorrys.

    I had an amazing birth experience with her. It was seriously perfect.
    Lauren has Down syndrome and a complete AV canal heart defect
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  • I had an emergency c/s with DS#2 and they had a NICU team in the room - one nurse practitioner and several other NICU nurses were in there.  
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    Carson Henry, born 39w, 2d, via emergency c/s due to no fetal movement and fetal distress.  Seizures, IVH grade 2, brain injury, kidney and liver damage.  Complete blood clot in the artery in his right arm.  27 days in the NICU.  Now discharged from all specialists, excepts his kidney doctor, who will monitor him indefinitely.  My tough little cookie.

  • I can't speak to your situation with the heart issue, but did have a prenatal Ds diagnosis so I wanted to say hi.
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  • My son has NS not DS but he had a prenatal dx of DORV (later realized it was TOF) so we had to have a full NICU team in the delivery room.  They told me beforehand that they would instantly call a code blue no matter what and he would be taken to the NICU.  All of that happened but he looked so great that they let me hold him for a couple of minutes before they took him.  I did have to hold him in for about two hours because the docs were all busy with other deliveries. 

    Talk to your docs and ask all of these questions.  I got a full tour of the NICU and delivery areas beforehand and spoke to the docs about everything, it really helped me prepare for it all.  Good luck!!

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  • I'm an OB nurse and typically for a "high risk baby" they will have NICU team there which will inlcude at Neonatologist, A high risk RN or 2 and a respiratory therapist.  So there will probably be a few more people than for an uncomplicated delivery but often times they will be taken to NICU, have tests run and potentially be able to be tranferred to you, if this is something your hospital does.
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