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still working?

Who's still working? I've been at work for 4 hrs today(retail) and I'm ready to pass out! I didn't think it would get this hard so fast. Last week I was okay but today I dont think I can work much longer. My Dr told me I'll know when I should cut back/stop working. Well guess what I can't tell if I'm just being a baby about it! LOL



Re: still working?

  • I am exhausted teaching 2nd grade right now, but I am working right up until baby girl comes.  Right now, I am 35 weeks and due Feb 7th, which is a Thursday.  I scheduled my last day to be Feb. 8th...with DS1, he came 5 days late so I am hoping to be a little late with this little lady.  I know I can't control it and people may think I am crazy for wanting to be late, but it would really be a nice transition to end teaching on Friday instead of a Thursday.  We'll see.

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  • Still working and plan on working up until I go into labor.  I have a desk job so it's not too bad, but I typically walk the one mile each direction to and from work, which is getting difficult. 


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  • Still teaching kindergarten and will until I go into labor.  With DD, I worked on Friday and she was born on Sunday.  
  • Still working, but deciding on when I should go out.  My commute is 1.5 hours each way, so I'm scared to work up to my due date, but also don't want to eat at my FMLA before he gets here...

  • I am still working, both at a desk job and as a cheerleading coach.  Desk job ends Feb 1 (earlier if they find someone to replace me this month); coaching until I go into labor.  The desk job is just hard because I am tired and I talk to patients about the large amounts of money they owe our office (which isn't always pleasant); coaching is hard because I am still teaching routines and stunting technique and it requires a lot of movement (but I love doing it).  At first I wanted to work as much as I could (the more $$ the better), but now I am praying that my office hires my replacement ASAP.



  • If I had to be on my feet all day I don't think I could go much longer either. I have a desk job so I'm also working until 2 days prior to my due date. Same here - I just don't want to take leave with out my baby in my arms.


  • Still working. [in retail also] I originally told my boss I would work up until my due date but this past week I've decided the 26th of Jan will be my last day. Have yet to tell him though...I didn't want to ruin his 60th birthday today lol

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  • I'm lucky enough to work in a family business so my hours are very flexible. Right now I'm trying to keep my regular hours. I'll leave an hour or so early if I'm feeling really poorly (I have SPD). Lately, it's been harder and harder to keep my energy up but I plan on sticking it out until the baby decides to show up. Since it is only me and my father running the shop, I don't really plan on taking a formal maternity leave nor can we really afford to. It also helps that I live within a 1 mile radius of my parents, my DH's parents, both my sisters, both of DH's siblings, and the office. So, hopefully it won't be too difficult to keep things going both at home and at the shop.

  • Still working and miserable. It is a desk job but with both babies breech and right on my ribs it's getting really uncomfotable and my ribs feel SORE. I'm hoping to use at least 1 week vacation before and be done on the 18th (if not sooner).
  • I have been very fortunate.  I am modified bed rest due to dilation around 29 weeks. My job is one I can do completely from home and my boss has been amazing allowing me to do so.  

    It was a huge stress factor that I may have to uses some of my PTO, FLMA to go out of work early but so far I have been blessed to not have to. 

    My doctor said he would prefer me to stop working completely by 37 weeks (end of this month) but my c-section will be scheduled for that week or one week later so I will hopefully work until the day before my scheduled c-section.  I don't want to waste any time off without the babies home. 

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  • I'm still working, but it's a desk job. 3 weeks ago I was ready to bed my OB to take my off of work for any reason at all. It was just a really rough, uncomfortable week. I'm doing better now, though still uncomfortable (I can no longer reach anything I drop on the floor, so I have a few pens down there right now). ;-) I have a c/s scheduled for Friday, Feb. 1st, and my last day at work is Wednesday, Jan 30th. I'm only planning on having one day off...and I have a doctor's appointment that day and also plan to schedule hair and pedi appointments.
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  • I'm still working and plan to until baby boy's arrival.

    I'm in an office environment, so I sit at my desk most of the day.  The only thing I've noticed is that I get tired quicker and would love to leave about 2:00 to go home and just rest.  :)

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  • Still working and planning on working until I have the baby.
  • I am still working but I also sit at a desk for now.  So im not on my feet except to get up go to the bathroom and just walk around.  I plan on working up till the end. 
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  • Still working. I just have a desk job, so it's not a strain on my body or anything... but I am EXHAUSTED and just want to go to bed. 
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  • Me! I'm working up until I go into labor. We need the money and my job is pretty easy, I work in an office.
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  • I'm still working too, although only part-time, which is a blessing. We can have some insanely busy days where I'm on my feet for 8+ hours (except for a half-hour lunch break, when I can get it) and I am completely wiped out after a day like that. My last day is scheduled for February 8 (a Friday) and my due date is February 12.
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  • Going until I hatch as well!  I would love for a reason to stay home, but I know we need the money.  I could take up to 4 weeks off before my due date, but I am not planning on it because it is all unpaid.
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  • Not me. My OB pulled me out of work last week for preterm labor. It's kind of bittersweet because I love my job, but as an ER nurse there is no "easy" place to be and my hospital doesn't do light duty, so I didn't really have other options. Originally I had planned to work up until delivery, but my baby had other plans.
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  • I just stopped working the Sat before Christmas. I'm a dance teacher and my back just couldn't take it anymore...jumps and turns became difficult as well.

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  • The plan is to work until I can't anymore.  I'm a teacher, and I don't want to use any sick days before baby gets here. However, I am sitting a lot more while I'm teaching, and have been on break since the 22nd of December, so we will see what it is like once I go back!  I'm hoping to at least make it through report cards and parent-teacher conferences (which I am doing early, so I can chat with the parents before I am gone for a whole quarter). 
  • I am also a teacher and I plan on working up until my due date, which is the 22nd. That is also the same day we start our winter vacation.

  • I have a unique situation, as I got laid off last year (as a teacher) and took a long term sub position this year as I know I wouldn't be working a full year anyway.  Well my sub position was up the Friday before Christmas, almost a month before it was supposed to.  I'm already bored!!
  • I'm still working! I have a desk job and work from home a few days a week... I am going to talk to my manager about working from home full time my last few weeks just so I am more comfortable.  Maternity work clothes are SO uncomfortable... and I have a fear of going into labor at work!
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  • You are my pregnancy twin!  I also have a desk job and am a cheerleading coach! I coach a competitive Jr High team of 14 and honestly its killing me.  Between the kids and the parents and the stress of competition (im highly competitive) im exhausting myself.  Sounds like you are planning to leave your desk job though and continue coaching...im doing the opposite.  I am due Feb. 12, Nationals for us is March 3rd, then I am retiring my pon poms.

    Are you planning on returning to your desk job and coaching position after the baby is here?



  • I plan on working up until the day she wants to come out. because it would be better for our budget, but I am exhausted I just wanna be able to relax in the comfort of our home and bed. But I have literally started a countdown only 22 more working days til she is due and then I will have plenty of time to be home cuddling up with my new baby! Good luck!

  • sorry ladies...new to this whole posting thing...meant for my previous post to be directed to @ jkuhmann.

     sorry again for the confusion, I get excited when someone is in the same boat as I am 

  • I am still working as a nurse at a family practice/pediatric clinic. I am planning to work as long as i can so that i have as much FMLA time with the babies as i can. I am always up and moving around and by the end of the day i am pretty spent, some days are better then others, but i just keep thinking about having as much time with my babies as possble and it makes me a little les miserable Wink
  • I work in outside sales and I can set my own appointment schedule. I am due on Feb 19th, so I start my vacation on the first and then start "maternity leave" either February 25th or before that if LO comes earlier. I am officially counting down. 22 more work days until I am officially off. 56 weeks of maternity and vacation total... God bless Canada! 
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  • I'm still working. I work 9 hours on my feet since I'm a Phlebotomist. It is getting extremely hard!! I am counting down the weeks until my Maternity leave. I come home and try to prop up my feet whenever I can!




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