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Pregnant after a miscarriage-Anyone else?

I am so hesitant to get excited about this pregnancy because I miscarried in June. I find myself expecting to see blood everytime I go to the restroom (Sorry if it's TMI!). I haven't even made my first appointment yet-is anyone else feeling like this?

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Re: Pregnant after a miscarriage-Anyone else?

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    Welcome & GL!

  • there are lots of ladies on here that have had miscarriages. We do a weekly thread feel free to join us!
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  • I had 3 losses before DD was born, and one in October of this year. It's hard to get excited, but you will eventually feel more comfortable. I found that getting a doppler helped me relax because I could check in on DD whenever I felt like it.


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  • Thank you ladies! I will definately join in
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  • That really must have been difficult for you, thanks for sharing. I was looking at the dopplers and the more I think about it the more I want to get one

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  • SNAP!! I miscarried in August and even tho I'm over the moon about being pregnant again I find it hard to get excited about it because I'm so scared of something going wrong. I haven't had my first appointment yet either but midwife Is calling me next week to arrange a date. I didnt even get to do my booking In with her last time as I miscarried at 7w1d so I've rang birth centre tonight to let them know how anxious I am. Don't know why really cos they can't so anything about it lol!! But hopefully midwife will ring sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed we will have happy healthy pregnancy this time x
  • I miscarried beginning of October and I'm 6 weeks pregnant again as of today. I find myself not planning ahead yet. Even though I have a 7 year old daughter. I read where someone else said to me, today I am pregnant :) And that's totally true. Keep your chin up and stay positive. Just be relaxed and try not to have bad thoughts.
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  • image Ktbug613:
    there are lots of ladies on here that have had miscarriages. We do a weekly thread feel free to join us!

    When is the weekly thread? I haven't managed to catch it yet.
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  • I know exactly how you feel. I had a mc in July. I'm just trying to view this as the new and separate experience that it is but it's hard.
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  • I had a MC in October and am now 10weeks. We have our 2nd US Friday and I'm terrified that something is going to go wrong. I'm also always expecting to see blood. I have a party in the bathroom everytime I don't see any.
  • I know how you feel!  I had an mc in September, and I'm constantly feeling like my period is going to arrive at any time, and I examine my toilet paper very thoroughly every time I use the bathroom lol.  :)  Thankfully so far nothing has happened except some almost non-existent brown spotting, which I wouldn't have even noticed if I wasn't watching so closely!  I have an early ultrasound schedule for 8 weeks (just 2 weeks away!).  I just want to see my baby and make sure it's okay.  I can't wait to make it to 12 weeks.

  • You are not alone!  I hated going to the bathroom at all the first few weeks bc I was always scared there would be blood.  Thankfully there never was!  I had my first ultrasound 3 weeks ago and seeing the heartbeat definitely helped me relax.  I still get anxious occassionally, but it decreases every day.  Hang in there!!!

  • It's so nice to have the support and know I'm not alone. I dreamt last night that I was bleeding, woke completely panicked (and nauseous, thankfully!) and had to talk myself back down.
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  • Hi

    Sorry about your miscarriage, but I felt the same way.  I had a miscarriage in August and found out I was prego again in Dec.  When I first found out I was not excited one bit.  I was more worried because having a miscarriage is a life changing and emotional event.  I didn't want to get to excited and then be disapponted again.  I am just now coming around to be an excited pregnant woman because I went to the Dr. yesterday for a sinus infection and she wanted to check on my babies heartbeat and we saw my baby!!  Growing and heartbeating much more faster than the first prenatal visit. 

    My BF was upset with me b/c he felt as if I didn't want to be pregnant but, it wasn't that, it was the fact of me being let down again....but now I can relax and be worry free because what I saw yesterday was a confirmation that everything is ok....better than before.  

    I hope this makes you feel a little better.... 

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