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Back-teeth teething / not eating

My 20 month old is getting his back teeth and is having a hard time eating. This has been going on for 4 days now. We are giving him Children's Advil for the pain and are also alternating teething tablets and Orajel every 4-6 hours. When he tries to eat he grabs his mouth and cries. We've been giving him alot of milk since he can't seem to eat an entire meal. We finally got him to eat a big bowl of very thin sliced grapes last night so I thought maybe his teeth had given him a break. This morning he doesn't want to eat his soggy cheerios or eggs. Is this normal? I'm scared he isn't getting enough nutrition through regular milk. I don't know if this is something I should contact my Pediatrician about or if this is normal for cutting back teeth. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!



Re: Back-teeth teething / not eating

  • DD has some of her molars and while they were breaking through she was a mess. We did a lot of easy to eat foods that don't require a lot of jaw movement or chewing. So, as others suggested, cottage cheese, apple sauce, well done pasta cut up in little pieces. DD will also really enjoy smoothies during this time. We do a little V8 for the veggies and blend with spinach and kale. DD will drink that when she doesn't feel like eating. 

    Also, oatmeal is great. Try some things out and see what works for you. It might be some rough going for a a while, but they won't starve and it does end.  

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  • Thanks Ladies. I've tried frozen yogurt and that seemed to bother him just as much as regular foods. Bless his heart; I feel so bad for him. I sincerely appreciate your advice. I'm going to try everything soft food I can think of!
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