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Looking for those of you with IVF success :)

Hey ladies, I currently started my 3rd fresh IVF cycle and am wondering for those of you that have had success was there anything specific you ate/drank/took during stims, before and after retrieval and transfer? I know there are a lot of wives tales out there just wondering what specifically some of you recommend. I have posted on here and some of you might remember me - history on us - I just turned 33 and have no issues, we are dealing with severe MFI (low sperm count, my hubby is 41). We did a bunch of unsuccessful IUIs (only because our insurance covered these unlimited, it does not cover IVF) - first fresh IVF failed in July we had 15 eggs retrieved/12 mature/9 fertilized with ICSI - day 3 transfer of two 8 celled embies; a failed FET in August we used the 3 embies leftover from the first fresh cycle - one 5 celled - two six celled; I then had a D&C with hysteroscopy to "freshen up" my insides and everything looked good - our 2nd fresh IVF in November had 5 eggs retrieved/4 mature/2 fertilized and transferred on day 2 and brought us our very first BFP on 11/20 (we did ICSI, PICSI, assisted hatching and coculture) but it was short lived....on that day my beta was 49.6 - on 11/23 it only went up to 66 - on 11/26 dropped to 9 and I had cramping and heavy bleeding/clotting (sorry TMI!) and on 11/28 dropped to 2.7 - a confirmed CP For this last fresh cycle in our shared risk package I did have another D&C with hysteroscopy to clean me out on 12/5 and will again me doing ICSI, PICSI, assisted hatching and coculture. Also with this cycle I have been doing acupuncture once a week for 5 weeks so far and will continue doing so through my retrieval and transfer and will have 2 therapeutic massages closer to retrieval and transfer. Each time our doc has tweaked our protocol and this time increased my dosage of Gonal F to 450IUs. With this being the last fresh cycle in our shared risk package it's sort of our last attempt so we are praying for excellent results and lots of embies retrieved since we also still have 2 FETs left in our package. Any words of wisdom you guys can offer me at this point would be much appreciated as always, thank you and sorry for this long post, I wanted to squeeze in as much info as possible :)

Re: Looking for those of you with IVF success :)

  • I don't necessarily have any words of wisdom for you, as my situation was different than yours (blocked tube), but do want to wish you good luck.

    I did consider trying some of the OWTs and recommendations, but ultimately didn't do anything other than do my best to stick with my healthy diet and exercise plan each time, since I was trying to lose weight each time before getting pregnant.

    I was fortunate enough to get pregnant on both initial IVF attempts, and did have a D&C/hysteroscopy the first time, due to a polyp, but not the second, as I go the all clear.  My info is in my siggy.  

    I wish I had a magic bullet for you. IF is so unfair, IVF should work for everyone, with all the time, money, and physical commitment involved!  Wishing you the very best of luck this cycle and hoping the third time will be the charm for you!

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  • I haven't done IVF, but I just want to say that I am so sorry for all you have been though, and I am sending lots of T&P and positive vibes and crossed fingers and everything that I possibly can send your way.  I really hope this is it for you.
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    beta #1 11/23 = 270, P4 = 75
    beta #2 11/28 = 2055
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  • Thank you, that means a lot! :)  IF sucks, when we went into the IVF I didn't think it would take this much to get a BFP since I am ok, thought wrong!  We will never give up and have stayed positive and optimistic through all of this :)
  • I am so sorry your journey had been so difficult and for your loss. I did acupuncture during my entire IF journey when we were TTC #1 (so during failed cycles and successful ones) and I highly recommend it. It had such a calming effect on me. When we were TTC #2 we couldn't afford regular acupuncture since I SAH now and we still got a BFP eventually so I guess it probably didn't make or break us. I also drank POM juice during all of my cycles, but again I gave up on all that stuff with the cycle that got me pregnant with the twins. Wishing you the very best of luck hon!!!
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  • It sounds like you've had a long journey, and I am hoping the best for you this next time around. Thank you for sharing your story. 

    I didn't do anything special during my (successful) IVF, but I do remember an old wives tale going around TTC a few years ago. It involved something about eating the core of a pineapple to help with implantation. People were making smoothies with them, since apparently it's not very tasty to eat by itself. It always sounded a bit far fetched to me. But, if it would bring you comfort to try then (I think) it's worth it for that alone!

    Wishing you success this time around! 

    Married 07.07.07. Mom to 3: Ruby 11/08 and Oliver & Austin 12/11
  • It sounds like you have been through quite the journey.  My T&P are with you for a successful round.

     During my IVF cycle, I didn't do anything different.  I ate what I wanted and laid on the couch for an entire week, sleeping a lot.  I worried more about keeping myself comfortable and happy (hence eating whatever I wanted) and not stressing out too much. 

     Good luck to you!

  • Thank you ladies for sharing!
  • No real wisdom except sending lots of positive vibes your way!  We failed multiple IUI cycles but got lucky with our first IVF.  I don't believe in OWT or anything else... just lived my usual life.  Good luck to you!
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    Fall 2011 inj+IUI #2&3 BFN

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  • No real word's of wisdom, I wanted to wish you good luck with your upcoming cycle.  I would like to think that acupuncture, OWT's, diet & exercise make a big difference.  I think it's all about being balanced & if these help you to achieve that, you are on a good path.  You have been through a lot, I hope this cycle work's for you. GL!
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  • Much luck to you, I will be praying that this cycle is the one! As far as OWT's I ate a pineapple core divided in 5 pieces one peice a day each day starting with the day of ET. I also only ate and drank room temp or warm foods and liquids that day and worked to keep my feet warm. GL!
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  • Hi there! For my IVF cycle, I eliminated caffeine and alcohol completely from my diet. I also only drank drinks that were at room temperature, because I had heard drinking cold drinks can mess with your circulation. I also splurged on massage therapy, having several sessions. 2 sessions during Lupron/suppression, 3 sessions during stims, and 1 session the day before transfer. Lastly, I began taking DHEA prior to ER because it is supposed to help improve egg quality, but I would ask your doctor about that before just jumping in taking that. I was one of the lucky ones and got pregnant on our first IVF cycle.

    I wish you so much luck in this cycle!!

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  • Wanted to send my positive thoughts as well.  I am so sorry for your loss. 

     Thinking only good thoughts for you though!  For my two IVf cycles- both successful, I only really did acupuncture.  I didn't take any other vitamins or anything other than an OTC prenatal, no  special diet, drinks or exercise etc.  I kept to my regular habits for the most part.  This most recent IVF in November- I really took it easy and was less stressed, I guess because I knew what to expect this time and hadn't spent a year doing other treatments first like last time.  It was much easier on me.  I know they say to relax, but really it is impossible when you are going through all that.  But i felt more relaxed this time for sure.   So really no magic for me.  I didn't even do acupuncture that much- only like 4 sessions total- one was the day after transfer, the others the weeks leading up to the ER.  Good luck to you!!!!!!

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  • Wishing you best of luck! 

    I also did a Lupron protocol to shut everything down prior to stims, is your protocol like this?  It may be helpful in getting more follies.

    Also, I ate lots of protien and veg, had chia seed soaked in pom or apple juice every day (about 1 TBS in 3 oz, sit for 5-10 minutes so it kind of gels), ZERO dairy, caffeine, alcohol, and wheat for the entire time I was stimming.  Also did acupuncture 2x a week and drank LOADS of water (room temp). 

    I don't know if this helped, but I had 12 eggs reach 5AA levels...which was awesome!  I also had OHSS, so there is good and bad in having so many eggs.


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    New work ups indicated more issues:
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  • Thank you for your feedback ladies!  My protocol this time is this - I had a D&C with hysteroscopy on 12/5 - on 12/6 I started taking estrace 2 x daily, synthroid and levaquin 1x daily all for 30 days along with my daily low dose aspirin and prenatal vitamin.  I got my period on 12/24 (my last day 1 was 11/26) and took prometrium for 10 days from 12/28 through yesterday so once my period comes again this month I will go in for bloodwork and ultrasound to start stimming.  The only time I took lupron was for my FET in August 2012.  During stims I will be taking 10IUs on low dose HCG in the morning and 450IUs on Gonal F later in the day along with the usual low dose aspiring and prenatal vitamin which is similar to my first fresh cycle where we had 15 eggs retrieved, only difference is then I was on 225 IUs of Gonal F.  I really hope and pray this cycle proves 3rd times the charm :)
  • We both did accupuncture for 3 months prior to our 3rd/successful IVF. MFI was an issue for us too so DH did some diet cleaning up. 2 cups of 1/2 caf a day max, no soda, no alcohol, very little working out, ... um don't know how to say this in a PC way but he ...ehem... produced ever other day for 3 months, supply and demand kinda thing. Also we ate organic meet because it has a lot of growth hormones in it. And took supplements like folic acid, coq10 and l arguinine (sp). Basically we threw the kitchen sink at it and we got twins! Another thing I insited on was a 3dt but that was more based on my theory of poor egg quality. Hope this helps!
  • I started IVF at age 40, like my stepmom. After talking to her, I had 2 concerns...egg quality and embryo rejection. I decided to see my stepmom's fertility specialist, even though he's in Vegas and I'm in Miami, because he's one of the few docs who address these issues successfully. He gave me a 70 percent chance of giving birth, not just of getting pregnant, while my local fertility doc only gave me a 30 percent chance. I'm on cycle 2 so that I can add a few more eggs to batch 1 for CGH testing, and I'm very confident that we'll be successful with just one blastocyst transferred! Did your doc test for immunologic issues, like natural killer cells? Can he/she test for chromosomal abnormalities in the blastocysts? These issues, I believe, affect your chances of success more than anything else. Im hoping for the best for you!
  • We have had a lot of testing done so far everything is normal except low sperm count :(  I asked our doc if they recommended PGD but said no, we were willing to pay for it but it's not being recommended.  Time will tell, I pray this is our sticky BFP!
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