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britax marathon or boulevard and back seat legroom?

We have a Kia Sorento which doesnt have great legroom in the second row.  Right now her infant car seat makes the front passenger seat a bit tight but not terrible.  From what I've read it seems like the marathon and boulevard are more compact depth wise.  Does anyone have any experience with either of these?  Or suggestions for a convertible seat that will fit well in a vehicle with limited legroom?  TIA


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Re: britax marathon or boulevard and back seat legroom?

  • Not much help here but I'm anxious to see the responses!  We have the Britax Chaperone and it makes the front seat a little cramped in our Jeep Grand Cherokee. I'm hoping the Marathon we have in the closet will free up a little room.

  • We have a camry so not much room here either.  With my first it was crazy how far up we had to move the front seat with the infant seat back there. When we switched to the Boulvard it did open up a little more room for the front seat.  

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  • We have a Britax marathon for ds. Love it! It is a little deep, so it had to go on the passenger side. Dh is 6" 4' and he couldn't move the driver's seat back far enough to accommodate. We drive a rav4. I'm actually waiting on the arrival of ds's new seat, then dd will be going in the marathon.

    I don't know if it's still on, but we just ordered ds's new Britax seat on diapers.com. They were having a 25 off sale. Worth looking into.


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  • We got the Boulevard. Looking at the Marathon it seems to have a lot of room for a tiny head to whip around if you were hit on the side of the car. 
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  • We have the boulevard in our CRV and there is room to move my seat around. Love the boulevard!
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