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Ainsley Hannah is here! New Years Eve baby!

Ainsley Hannah was born last night, just a few hours before midnight.  We were induced yesterday morning.  Labor went pretty quickly and smoothly until I started pushing.  Pushed for 3.5 hours without a ton of progress.  The doctor checked and it seems that my pubic arch is very narrow, so baby girl was just stuck and could not come down any further.  The doctor said we basically had a choice of using forceps or a c-section.  We opted for the c-section because he said that I would basically have to have a pretty extensive episiotomy.  I can't remember the exact term he used.

 Anyway, it seemed to us that the risks would be less for both baby girl and I with the c-section.  Turns out, this was the right decision becuase when they went in to get her, she was stuck very far down and the doctor said afterward that due to her position and how much he would have had to cut me, I would have been a mess down there if we would have gone the forceps route.  The c-section went very smoothly though, and baby girl is perfectly healthy.  Nursing like a champ too!  I was disappointed that I couldn't do immediate skin on skin, but it didn't matter, because she latched right on like she'd been doing it for years.  

 All in all, best New Years Eve I have ever had!  I can't wait to take her home now!  Happy New Years everyone! 

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