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Hello fellow dads,

I'm new to this site and having my first child at 40! I'm very excited, yet nervous at the same time. Any advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.  


Re: New to the bump

  • Welcome!  Mazal tov!  Best advice I can give is for you to learn the following words: "Sweetie, you are pregnant and beautiful."  Or something similar.  Note:  It is imperative that you actually mean it. 

    My wife is still a few days away from her due date, so I'm right there with you on the nervous and excited.

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  • Welcome to the board! 

    Advise for the pregnancy:

    - Pick up extra tasks around the house to allow your wife to relax more.

    - If she's tired (which will happen), allow her to rest.

    - Tell her she's beautiful.  Pay her compliments often... mean them.

    - You won't be able to relate to what she's going through, don't try, just say you are sorry that she feels bad, etc.

    - Be an engaged dad, read, go to appointments (at least the big ones).

  • Welcome!  I won't rehash what was said above, but don't hesitate to ask anything.  It may appear that the board is dead or slow but we are lurking and will answer posted questions.

  • Congrats and Welcome!

    Bit of advice, just be involved and would be amazed how many dads are not and how much women talk. Be the exception!

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