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NBR: LMN The Surrogacy Trap

Lifetime Movie junkie here. We are watching The Surrogacy Trap right now and it makes me feel so grateful to be able to be pregnant. People are crazy!

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Re: NBR: LMN The Surrogacy Trap

  • I generally love Lifetime movies. I used to watch them with my mom when I was a kid. 

    I haven't seen this one, but I read an article along the same lines a few years back. The couple tried for years and couldn't have a baby, ended up with a donor egg, donor sperm, and a gestational carrier. Then they got divorced halfway through the pregnancy and the gestational carrier didn't want to give the baby to a "broken home". Talk about a cluster.

    I understand why some people would choose to go this route, but I could never choose it for a variety of reasons, the most relevant being that my religious beliefs clash with most forms of ART.  

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  • Our beliefs do as well. I lost a tube in 2009 and was so scared to lose the other because of that.

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  • Lifetime movies do tend to be over dramatic, but I've known some crazy situations that have come up from these sorts of situations.  While I understand the want to have biological children, it always seemed like too much heartache and weird loop holes to me.  And I did research it a fair amount when I was told I'd probably never be able to get pregnant myself.

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  • TV can be a little misleading I am sure. A close friend is 12wks into her 4th surrogacy. She loves every minute and the bond she has with the families. I have another friend in the process of helping a family from israel have a child. The first I mentioned has said she will help families until her ute falls out ;
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    November Challenge - Thanksgiving.

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  • I watched. Crazy LMn!

    Though we have talked about me doing this in the future pending my own pregnancies all go smooth. So we will see! I can't imagine the amount of joy in helping another couple in that way.

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