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6 weeks fussy baby?

I was warned by my daughters pediatrician that around 6-8 weeks baby would become more fussy. Well 6 weeks is here and she gets really upset for about 15-20 minutes in the evening. All day long she is fine, not fussy at all. During those 15-20 minutes she cries very hard and is pretty much inconsolable. Once that time passes, she'll usually fall asleep or calm down and then she's fine again. I've noticed it's right before the time she gets ready to sleep for the night (she sleeps very well through the night, only waking to eat). Has anyone else experienced something similar?
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Re: 6 weeks fussy baby?

  • Our baby is six weeks old to. She is becoming more fussy as well. We have started using dr Karp's 5 S's.

     Works wonders with our baby. You can youtube the instructions but basically swaddle wrap you baby really firmly, hold her in your arms on her side, shush her really loudly in her ear and rock her (while protecting her little head and neck - it's ok to rock with a bit of vigor).

     Hope it helps.


    Ps the info can be found in happiest baby on the block 

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  • V is 9.5 weeks and slowly coming out of the fussy stage. It was awful for us, so be thankful for 15-20 minutes! It can last for hours, and make you go slightly insane.  We watched happiest baby on the block and a few of the steps worked for us, like the shushing and the swaddling.
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