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Girls names-sister is Violet

I have an almost 2yo DD named Violet. We really love, as I like to call them, "hippie" names (colors, flowers, organic etc.). I am about 14 weeks along, so we still don't know what we're having, but we've been going through books and getting ideas. Let me know what you think of ours or if you have others. Thanks!


Scarlet (too matchy with Violet?)






NO CLUE, but we're leaning toward traditional like Thomas, Henry, James, etc. 

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Re: Girls names-sister is Violet

  • I'd stay away from the flowers and colors just because they're too matchy. Maybe go for a non-floral botanical like Laurel or a bird like Lark or Wren. Maybe Luna?

    Of your choices, I like Iris, but it's a bit too floral theme-y. Ruby is good, but, again, a color. Natalie is lovely, but doesn't seem very "hippie." I don't care for Sienna or Scarlet.

  • Scarlett- yes, too matchy

    Ruby- eh, okay

    Iris- love

    Natalie- okay

    Sierra- like a lot

    other ideas for girls: Maple, Brooke, Autumn, Willow, Briar, Aurora, Marina, Belle, Juniper (June), Stella, Elin (e-lin), Isla, Tara, Cora 

    boys- I love Henry. Other ideas- Davis, Wesley, Calvin, Dean, Dane, Arthur, Theodore, Brewer, Sean, Grant, Graham, Duncan, Ethan

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  • Thanks for you reply. I appreciate your honest opinion, but I actually like the color/flower theme. I was concerned that Scarlet and Violet might sound too similar with the "let" on the end. I know Natalie doesn't follow the theme, but it's one of my favorites. I really don't care for Sienna/Sierra, but they're my husbands favorites, so that that's why I put those in ;) Thanks!
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  • Scarlet - Like it, but I prefer Scarlett. Also, I don't think that it pairs well with Violet.

    Ruby - Love it!

    Iris - Love it!

    Natalie - Like it, but I prefer Natalia with Violet.

    Sierra - Hate it!

    My vote goes to Ruby or Iris. :)

    I love the boy names that you've listed, but I don't think that they pair well with Violet. Also, James would be a nice MN.


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  • Scarlet: I've never really cared for this name and I think it is too theme-y with Violet. Scarlet is also a lot harsher, IMO, than your other picks (and Violet).

    Ruby: NMS at all

    Iris: Love it! (especially with Violet)

    Natalie: A cute name.

    Sierra: I like this name but it's my dog's name. I don't care for it with Violet.


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  • From your list of girl names I love Iris. It also goes well with your DDs name. Or what about Hazel? I think it's very pretty and also fits your "hippie" vibe :
  • I love Ruby. Scarlet is too matchy with Violet IMO. Not a fan of the other girl names. 
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  • If you decide to consider a nontraditional boy name, Linden and Sage stick with the botanical theme.
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  • we were going to name this baby Rose but it turned out to be a boy. I also like PP of Olive.

    If you're stuck for boy names, you can borrow mine...Mark with mn William. It's along the lines you are going for. If we have another boy we are going with Benjamin Joseph. Traditional names are very big in my extended family and we recently have had Andrew, Samuel, Nicholas and Christopher.


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  • I feel like your style is similar to mine, my DD is Ivy. Violet and Ivy make a nice sibset. 

    From your list, Iris is my favorite, Ruby is cute too. WDYT of Pearl, Coral, Cora or Sage?

    for boys, Thomas and Henry are on my list as well, I also like, Patrick, Dean, Phillip and Rowan (like the tree, I've heard this on both boys and girls).  

  • My favorites - Natalie and James.
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  • I like Natalie the best!  Maybe Natalie Iris?

    For a boy, I love Thomas, Henry and James.  Henry is probably my favorite.

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  • My daughters are Ruby and Scarlett so I love both those names.    I also  like   Hazel, Mabel, Mae, Lydia, Pearl.  
  • I like Iris and Ruby best!
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  • I have an Olive. She's awesome. ;)

    we actually we discussing Violet the other night. Love it. 

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