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cuddling yet?

Just wondering if any babies cuddle with you in the morning? MIne doesn't and I just cant wait to cuddle!! My co worker said her LO didnt cuddle until a little after one year of age. seems so long!

Re: cuddling yet?

  • My DS just started to cuddle but that is right before we put him down for a nap or bedtime, and that isn't for long either lol I know I just want to cuddle him and he just isn't having it most of the time :/ But I still have hope! 
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  • My baby is not much of a cuddler. Never has been, doubt she ever will be. Drives DH nuts but doesn't bother me in the least. I'm not a fan of being touched by anyone besides DH and select close friends. So understand if DD will be the same.
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  • We co sleep so we have always had a cuddily monster, nowadays he is more of a mountaineering goat that likes to blow wet farts on you .. but he is, and always has been a super cuddily monster.  He just recently started doing the out stretched arms for pick me up and cuddle me ...but since he learnt to crawl pull to stand he is super active. 

    His worst habits now when cuddilg are grabbing your under armpit between his fingers and rolling it like it's his security blanket ..and biting the front of sweaters and tshirts because he is teething.  That and the drawing his knees up and pushing his butt out  with his feet braced on you while you hold him.. he is a strong munchkin and it gets like WWF sometimes.

    I am glad he is still super cuddily even tho he wants to crawl and walk now.. he def is a daddy's boy.. he loves his daddy cuddles.
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  • No cuddler here. She has better things to do. My 4 nursing sessions are the most still she is all day and even then it can be a wrestling match. 
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  • No cuddler here either, can't wait though! 

  • Yes, but he roams off pretty quickly if it's right after he wakes up. If we are getting ready for bed he loves to cuddle.

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  • DS2 only wants to cuddle right after he wakes up from naps.  In the morning he's ready to get up and get playing. 

    My oldest (4.5) has never really been a cuddler.  When he's not feeling well, he'll cuddle with someone but for the most part, he isn't interested in cuddling. 

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  • DD is a cuddle bug mostly when she's sleepy. As a PP said we also cosleep so I'm not sure if that has something to do with it. We have recently been playing oldies music on pandora where we dance around with her, she hangs on tight and giggles for that too. Lately though, unless she's sleepy or there are NO distractions, nursing can be tough.
  • DD cuddles way more now than she used to, but I still wouldn't say she's a cuddler. She likes to sit on my lap, and sometimes leans her head on my chest when I carry her, which is great though. 

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  • Ha!! Ours is the anti cuddlershe hates feeling confined. The only time she will she gets like a snail on me is after her bedtime bottle or when I used to dream feed

    I too hope this day comes!!!
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