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It seems a bunch of ladies on here have been dealing with annoying BH contractions, and I have been as well (since about 29 weeks).  How do you decide whether you should call the doctor?  I did end up calling at 29 weeks and went to L&D to be monitored, but everything was totally fine (they stopped on their own and didn't cause me to progress).  I have had several other episodes like the one at 29 weeks since, but didn't end up calling because they seemed the same as before and they did eventually stop on their own.  Im getting them more frequently now (and when I do get them there can definitely be more than 6 an hour - same as 29 week episode) and just recently they seem to make me a little short of breath when I do get them, but (again) they do eventually stop.  I have no pain or anything.  I have an appointment Friday.  Any thoughts?
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Re: BH

  • I would say if they become timeable then I would call..As we continue to get further along we will start to get more intense BH and even some mini contractions from what I have heard. I have had a couple that I was pretty sure were real but stopped right away.
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  • Before calling I'd personally try chugging water and laying down for an hour or so. I had some contractions this weekend, about 6 minutes apart for an hour before they slowed down. After a camelback of water and laying down they are back to the regular one here and there. I'm a terrible paitent and hate to 'bug' the doc though, plus DH is a doctor so most of the time I can just get his opinion.
  • You might not want to listen to me, because I'm an odd case, but the other night, I had timetable BH for 3 hours.  They were mainly 2 to 3 minutes apart and I had 19 or 20 each hour...and that was while laying on the couch, after drinking TONS of water and not really being too active that day either.

    What would urge me to either call or go to L&D (my doctor's push just going to L&D versus calling) would be if they increased in intensity.  Because mine weren't, I just waited them out.

    All that said, I have a terribly stubborn cervix and I have c-sections because of it's inability to dilate.  Because I know this, I highly doubt I will go into labor before my scheduled c-section, and therefore, I don't get too excited about my episodes. 

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  • I agree with PP, drink water, lie down for an hour, then see how you do. If they are coming at regular intervals after that (like 4-5 minutes), you should probably call.


    Also, definitely tell your doctor about it on Friday. 

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