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Overnight leaks

So for the past month or so dh and I have been changing DDs diaper around 11pm when we go to bed. This is to avoid having a crying leaked wet cold girl in the middle of the night. We have also tried to cut off liquids as of 7pm. Bed time is at 8. Dinner is at 6. Well for the past few weeks dd had already leaked by 11 pm. And she is asleep. So I have to causly change all her clothing and get her in and out of bed while not waking her up. On the nights she hasn't leaked thru by 11 she usually will have leakage by morning. So I'm changing clothing and bedding at least once during sleepy time hours.
I use pampers cruisers. But am willing to try anything! What are your recommendations?

Re: Overnight leaks

  • We use cloth and pampers for daytime but Hugggies overnites for bed. I researched when she was a fewfew months old and these seemed to be the moody popular nighttime diaper and have worked great for us.
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  • I second Huggies Overnites.  DD has always been a heavy wetter at night and we tried Pampers (their daytime and nighttime diapers) but neither worked.  After recommendation of Hugges Overnites on this board we tried them and haven't looked back!  She sleeps for about 12 hours in them and rarely leaks.
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  • We switched to Huggies from Pampers when DD was in Size 3. I like them a lot better. We used regular Huggies Little Movers and rarely have any leaks!


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  • Try Overnight diapers. I think we used Huggies. Or if she's close to moving up a size in diapers, try moving up to the next size just for nights.

    For us, every time DD has had problems with leaks has been right before she out grows a size. So we either switch to overnights or move up a size and it's worked so far for us. 

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  • image BRUGGS10:
    huggies overnight one size up.

    We don't use overnights, but we go use Huggies one size up. He still fits in 3s with room to spare, but he started leaking at night too. I finished the 3s during the day and bought 4s for night and so far so good.
  • We were having the same problem and also use Pampers cruisers.  We just went up a size at night and have only had a leak once since then.  And that was because he was drinking a lot that night, went to bed early, and slept in.
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  • We also use Huggies Overnights and have never had any leaks.

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  • Thanks for your feedback. I can't go up a size because she is already in size 6. I'll try overnight diapers both huggie and pampers.
    If you have another suggestions ill try them too! Thanks again
  • Pampers overnight diapers and select diaper booster pads from amazon. They are awesome. It is a giant absorbent maxi pad basically. My son was have leaks every night until I bought these. Love them.

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  • I just bought the overnight pampers and I don't think they are better than the cruisers at all!  I am kind of shocked, I thought for sure they would be better but they seem to stretch out around the legs(my kid has skinny legs) so I wouldn't even bother buying them again.  I would cut down on the liquid maybe.  Owen gets his last drink with dinner around 630, goes to bed around 830 and we don't have leaks in the cruisers.
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